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New Devil May Cry 5 Trailer Shows Dante in Brutal and Awesome Battle Action

Devil May Cry 5

New Devil May Cry 5 Trailer Shows Dante in Brutal and Awesome Battle Action

Capcom just released another trailer of its upcoming hack & slash action game Devil May Cry 5.

This trailer is all about Dante, who is a man not to be crossed, lest he take a motorcycle to the face of whoever gets in his way. And I mean it literally. The video focuses exactly on that, and on the rest of Devil May Cry traditional hero (the one with the white hair, not the other one who will not be talked about).

You can check the video out below out below and see if it gets you in the mood to throw motorcycles around. One thing is for sure: Dante is indeed in the mood.

If you want to see more about Devil May Cry 5, you can watch another trailer focusing on Nero, the spectacular “Final” trailer, a ton of gameplay from a few days ago featuring Dante, V, and Nero himself, and the latest TV commercial from Japan.

You can also enjoy a previous trailer featuring the image song by HYDE “Mad Qualia”,  earlier gameplay showing Nico’s shopmore showcasing the Cameo Mode, and another gameplay trailer featuring V.

If that isn’t enough, a couple of days ago we saw the release of an absolutely charming interview featuring Director Hideaki Itsuno and his colleagues who worked on the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Devil May Cry 5 is going to be released worldwide on March 8 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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