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Granblue Fantasy Versus and Relink Are Both Planned to Be Released Simultaneously Worldwide

Granblue Fantasy Versus

Granblue Fantasy Versus and Relink Are Both Planned to Be Released Simultaneously Worldwide

At Granblue Fes 2018 in December, Cygames offered new details about Granblue Fantasy relink and Granblue Fantasy Versus. We know that both games are coming to North America and Europe at some point, and in order to know whether western gamers will have to wait long for the game or not, Twinfinite talked with Director Tetsuya Fukuhara, who had good news to share.

Fukuhara-san confirmed that the plan is to release both games simultaneously worldwide.

We also heard that Cygames is handling localization internally, taking advantage of the experience accumulated with the original mobile Granblue Fantasy game.

Speaking of releases, Fukuhara-san also shared the reason why Granblue Fantasy Relink has been delayed for its initial 2018 release window and have a new one just yet.

“2018 was our initial goal. After the project kicked off, it continued to become more and more massive, as the IP itself was growing at the same time.

Also, it wasn’t as easy as we initially thought to implement the full details of the Granblue world into 3D models, especially for the backgrounds. We didn’t want to make compromises on the quality. It was possible to choose the fastest and easiest way, but we didn’t. That’s the reason why the game hasn’t been released yet.

At the moment it doesn’t have a release date because we already delayed it once, we never, ever want to do it again. We will release that information when we’re absolutely sure that we can hit that date without risking any more delays.”

You’ll be able to read the full interview soon on Twinfinite. It’ll include many more interesting details and plenty of information on both games.

In the meanwhile, if you want to know more about Granblue Fantasy Relink, you can check out a recent gallery of beautiful screenshots, some interesting details, the latest trailer, and gameplay.

The game has been announced only for PS4.

If you’d rather learn more about Granblue Fantasy Versus, you can enjoy some more info about the game on top of the first trailer, and some really lovely screenshots. More characters will be revealed in March.

The game will be released worldwide for PS4 at some point in 2019.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Granblue Fantasy franchise and would like to know what it is and why it matters to you, you can read my recent article on the topic. If you want to start playing the original game for mobile and browsers to get acquainted with the IP and get ready for the PS4 games, you can read my detailed guide on how to create an account, install the game, and play in English.

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