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Overkill Offers Free Pen Melee Weapon DLC for Payday 2

Payday 2, John Wick

Overkill Offers Free Pen Melee Weapon DLC for Payday 2

Another John Wick reference.

Overkill Software, developer of cooperative heist game Payday 2, is handing out free keys of “The Pen” melee weapon for the game.

Simply go to Overkill’s website and sign in with a Steam account to receive a Steam code to redeem. The site is currently being hammered by many trying to get a code so it may take a few tries, but the developer notes on the giveaway’s page that codes are being added every hour.

The Pen was originally added to Payday 2 in April for “The Search for Kento” event, though only a limited number of codes were handed out through the game’s official Steam forums. The melee weapon is a reference to the first John Wick film, and is not the first time the two properties have crossed over.

Overkill recently released Payday 2: Ultimate Edition for Steam on PC, which is the 2013 first-person shooter bundled with almost all of its add-ons. The game was free for a limited time during the bundle’s delay. The studio plans to support the Steam version of Payday 2 with free add-ons and updates until October 2018, while a Nintendo Switch version of the game is scheduled to release later this year.


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