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Overwatch’s Horizon Lunar Colony Map Arrives on June 20

Overwatch, Horizon Lunar Colony

Overwatch’s Horizon Lunar Colony Map Arrives on June 20

Winston’s past comes alive.

Overwatch’s newest map set on a moon base, Horizon Lunar Colony, is coming to the game next week on June 20, Blizzard announced today. The map had previously been in the game’s public test region (PTR) servers on PC since late May.

The company released a behind-the-scenes video previewing the new map with the announcement. The moon base was the home for the game’s talking gorilla tank, Winston, and the developers hoped the map would give glimpses into why the base became abandoned.

Horizon Lunar Colony will contain new features not seen in past Overwatch maps, such as instant unlocking doors and low gravity sections. Check out some gameplay of the map in the video below.

Additionally, lead software engineer Bill Warnecke confirmed that the balance changes introduced alongside the PTR update will launch on June 20 as well. McCree, Reaper, and Roadhog are the characters that will be most affected by the 1.12 patch.

The update changes Reaper’s passive healing skill “The Reaping” to regain health while causing damage, instead of enemies dropping health orbs on death. Roadhog’s scrap gun receives decreased damage, while McCree’s “Deadeye” ultimate skill becomes faster in locking onto enemies and increases damage. The patch also adds the Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins to classic loot boxes, previously earned by completing events in Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.


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