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Friday the 13th Is Getting a Bunch of Free Content Tomorrow

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Friday the 13th Is Getting a Bunch of Free Content Tomorrow

Just a little thank you to the fans.

If you’ve been playing Friday the 13th since day one, you may have had some troubles with the game’s servers. Turns out the developers feel pretty bad about it, so they’re giving all players a bunch of free content tomorrow to make up for it as part of the game’s first update.

The developers shared the news via the official Friday the 13th Game Twitter account. The video accompanying the tweet details that the following content will be coming to all players across all platforms tomorrow for free:

  • Two new outfits for each counselor
  • 13,000 free CP to spend
  • Double XP weekend (June 23 – June 25)
  • Retro Jason Skin with Original Chiptune Track

The video then ended once again by thanking all players for their patience while the development team fixed the server and launch issues. You can check it out for yourself below.

In our review of Friday the 13th, we quite enjoyed the game when playing with friends, but found the game to be a bit dull and repetitive when playing solo. However, we did love how terrifying playing as a counselor was, and how unstoppable Jason felt, as he rightfully should.

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