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Pokemon GO Increases Spawn Rate and Extra Items for This Week Only

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Pokemon GO Increases Spawn Rate and Extra Items for This Week Only

Bonuses on bonuses.

Niantic is increasing the spawn rate of Pokemon found in Pokemon GO to celebrate the recent update of adding daily bonuses to the app. Players will be able to find more Pokemon and receive more items when visiting PokeStops from now until Nov. 11.

One Reddit user posted pictures of his character surrounded by Pokemon, shown above, after simply walking outside his apartment. It is not all Pidgeys and Rattatas either, as the developer said on Twitter last week that players may find different Pokemon than where Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat are commonly found.

Not everyone has been content with the newest Pokemon GO update, after players noticed they could not access PokeStops while driving above a certain low speed, even as passengers. The game previously prevented drivers from playing the game at a certain speed, but gave a prompt if you were a passenger instead to continue checking PokeStops. The feature was added as a safety precaution to stop drivers from causing accidents by playing the game while driving, though forum users have not been happy with the extended change.

At least there is a hundred new Pokemon coming in a future update.


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