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Blizzard Discusses Overwatch’s Sombra, Admits They’re “Not Very Good at ARGs”

Sombra, Overwatch

Blizzard Discusses Overwatch’s Sombra, Admits They’re “Not Very Good at ARGs”

The hype train that couldn’t slow down.

Sombra is the newest character revealed for the Overwatch roster, and the lead up to this announcement has been quite the trip. For months now, fans have been picking apart every new trailer, every developer diary for clues that would tell them more about this mysterious hacker. Fans have resorted to real-life hacking, using binary to crack codes, and have endured countdown after countdown. Considering the amount of time spent hyping up this character, fans quickly got impatient, and some wondered if we’d ever see Sombra at all.

Well, Blizzard hasn’t been completely blind to fans’ expectations and hopes. Speaking to Kotaku at BlizzCon this year, Blizzard’s Geoff Goodman spoke a little bit about the ARG process for Sombra.

“We were definitely taking the feedback,” he said during an interview. “I think it was fair, the feedback. We’re not very good at ARGs. We’ve never done one before.”

“I think the biggest thing was the timing maybe could have been better on it,” replied Goodman. “That was the biggest lesson. They were just on the ball every time. I think that made those windows a little longer than the others might have been.”

Blizzard isn’t sure if they’ll plan anymore ARGs for future Overwatch characters. It really depends on the kind of character they want to introduce. Overwatch is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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