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Generation II Pokemon Found In Latest Pokemon GO Update


Generation II Pokemon Found In Latest Pokemon GO Update

They found Ditto too!

Pokemon GO has held strong against the tide and persists as an excellent casual mobile game for fans across the globe. However, we currently aren’t able to ‘Catch Them All’. The original 151 is missing a few famous faces, and catching Pidgeys and Weedles every day is not so fun!

But fear not, Pokefans! The guys over at The Silph Road have done the dirty work and data mined the latest APK, version 0.45.0 and what they came across is certainly promising!

100 new Pokemon now have a reference point in the games code, from Chikorita to Celebi. Yep, looks like the Generation II roster is coming to your phone. There is no move set data for these Pokemon, but they exist in the games files, and will, therefore most likely come in a big future update.

The Silph Road also found Ditto! Our favorite pink buddy is not yet in the game client-side, but it exists in the files, and the latest update added ‘Transform’, Ditto’s famous move. Whilst not attributed to his move set, it’s promising to see, and hopefully we’ll be able to capture him soon.

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