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This Halloween Costume Brings Pokemon GO to Life


This Halloween Costume Brings Pokemon GO to Life

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Halloween is a time where we get to forget our normal lives and dress up as something else entirely. Most of the time this takes the form of a vampire, zombie, or famous fictional character, however one person decided to bring the hottest mobile game to life. Brought to you by Youtuber MattyCBorgelt, this costume is not only a mock up of the beloved Pokemon GO game but one that actually works. The concept for this outfit is that MattyC is wearing a phone and is showing a screen of a Pikachu that is ready to be captured. He is also holding a handmade replica of the PokeStop symbol that actually spins in the center and dispenses Pokeball for people.

You then are supposed to throw said Pokeballs at the Pikachu on his screen which will cause it to be trapped within a Pokeball. MattyC then jiggles the Pokeball from behind the actual screen and decides if you are worthy enough to capture it. After you’ve caught it the stars show up above the Pokeball just like in the game, though it’s unclear if you can be awarded anything lower than three stars. It’s certainly one of most unique Halloween costumes we’ve seen all year and given how big of a craze this application was, there it no doubt it will go over well. Hopefully, people have better aim than us when they throw PokeBalls otherwise MattyC might get captured himself.

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