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Bethesda Updates Fallout 4 Creation Kit in Preparation For PS4 Mods

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Bethesda Updates Fallout 4 Creation Kit in Preparation For PS4 Mods

Time to get creative on Fallout 4.

After a long time waiting, Bethesda has announced that the creation kit for Fallout 4 has now been patched, meaning that mod support for PlayStation 4 should be available in the very near future.

In September, it appeared that Sony couldn’t reach an agreement with Bethesda leaving any chance of mod support for the PS4 hopeless. However, the two companies reached an agreement over the issue in October that announced mod support for Skyrim Special Edition as well as future support for the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4.

While news that PS4 users will finally be able to mod the game is great for everyone involved, it does still come with its limitations. Modding on the system will only be viable through the use of plugins; the use of external assets in mods has been completely restricted.

To gain access to the creation kit, players must download the free launcher from Bethesda’s website. The 250MB file size isn’t too intensive and shouldn’t cause any issues.

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This post was originally written by Jared Moore.

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