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Overwatch’s Sombra Makes Her Debut at BlizzCon


Overwatch’s Sombra Makes Her Debut at BlizzCon

The wait is over!

After weeks of teasing in trailers, taking over websites and secret codes being hidden on forums, Blizzard has finally unveiled the Overwatch Hero everyone has been waiting for: Sombra. Revealed during BlizzCon 2016’s Opening Ceremony, the hyped up hacker has finally stepped out from behind the veil. Arriving in style she hacked her way literally into Blizzcon and is apparently playing both sides of Talon and Overwatch.

Sombra received her own animated short dubbed “Infiltration” that features both Reaper and Widowmaker. We also got a look at her abilities such as cloaking, a teleportation device, and her SMG primary weapon. She is classified as a “stealthy offensive infiltrator” that can hack into enemy abilities, which could make her a very dangerous hero.

There had been clues dating back to the beta of the game where references of this Hero could be seen in Dorado and on newspapers with the title “Quien es ‘Sombra’?” (which translated to “Who is Sombra?”). Even though the Overwatch community has been divided on Blizzard’s marketing technique, it’s great to finally see her in action. Sombra will be available in the PTR on PC next week for players to try out.


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