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Ubisoft Releases Impressive Statistics as The Crew Hits 10 Million

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Ubisoft Releases Impressive Statistics as The Crew Hits 10 Million

To Pluto and back.

It looks like a lot of players have been road-tripping across the United States over the past two years, as the official Ubisoft blog has published some fascinating numbers from The Crew, in celebration of the developer’s sprawling open-world automotive role-playing game reaching 10 million players.

According to the company’s statistics, players have free-driven a collective 6,835,083,115 miles (or 11 billion kilometers) across the game’s expansive map of the U.S. “That kind of distance – equivalent to a round trip to Pluto – took 19,430 player-years to rack up, a number made possible only because The Crew has hit 10 million players over its lifetime,” writes UbiBlog editor Mikel Reparaz. However, the impressive statistics don’t stop there.

As displayed on the post’s original infographic:

  • 681 million liters of paint have been used (enough to paint 200 million cars).
  • 15 million pictures have been taken.
  • 45 million years of airtime have been recorded.
  • 100 million chases have been started, with 27% ending in arrest.
  • 20 billion dollars have been fined.

Additionally, the Nissan R34 has been the most used on-road and off-road vehicle. The Ford Focus RS and Ford F150 take home the silver and bronze, respectively, in the off-road category; while the Nissan 370Z and Camaro SS 2010 are likewise the runners-up for on-road driving.

The Crew, having released almost two years ago, has certainly piled-up some impressive usage statistics – despite a relatively lackluster critical reception – and we can likely expect these numbers to increase as we await the upcoming Calling All Units expansion.

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This post was originally authored by Adam James.

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