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Overwatch’s Sombra Is Hacking Up a Storm For Dia De Los Muertos


Overwatch’s Sombra Is Hacking Up a Storm For Dia De Los Muertos

Sombra’s at it again.

The hunt for Overwatch’s Sombra is likely drawing to a close, but she is certainly not going down without a fight. Earlier this afternoon a user dubbed owbot appeared on the official Overwatch Reddit after a moderator made an announcement about the Lumerico Corporation coming under attack. This was then flooded by users who’s profile photos were all changed to Sombra’s calling card, a skull.

The owbot, who many are presuming to be Sombra herself, replied to the post with the phrase “Dia De Los Muertos viva Mexico” repeated four times. Dia De Los Muertos, which translates into Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday in which families celebrate and honor the deceased. As today is the first day of Dia De Los Muertos, its seems these events are a deliberately timed Blizzard ploy.

Overwatch Sombra


For those who don’t know, the Lumerico Corporation has been under some attacks by Sombra in the past and are the proprietors of that massive power plant at the end of the El Dorado map. Quite a few have speculated that this could be the location for a possible new mode that follows the same lines as the co-op mode Junkenstein’s Revenge. It’s also possible that Sombra’s reveal video will take place on this map and could serve as a possible origin story for her. You can also visit the Lumerico website, though it has been crashing frequently due to the flood of traffic, and actually visit sections like the login page.

Overwatch Sombra

Sombra was also going to take over the Overwatch Dischord channel, but due to a massive wave of users flooding to see it crashed. One user named BoltPow3r did manage to snag the following image above before the entire event crashed. We have confirmation from one of the Overwatch Dischord Staff members who issued the following apology and confirmed this was in collaboration with Blizzard:

“Hey guys, unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. Originally we intended for SOMBRA to hack into LumeriCo using the power of our users to help. Unfortunately, the server load was maxed out quickly and we weren’t able to handle the traffic. 

Ultimately we’re humbled by your guys’ dedication to the ARG. Again, we apologize we weren’t able to make it as fun as we had hoped.

EDIT: The event that took place today was in fact collaborated by Blizzard. We worked with a few people to create an awesome mini-game experience relating to ARG. The event that took place here was backed in an official capacity, but was for FUN, and would not have led to solving the entire ARG that you guys were looking for.”

This was all then captured and posted to the [live] SOMBRA hunt section of the Overwatch Reddit, where you can find details on how to log into the Lumerico website, should the 502 errors cease. With Blizzcon only a few days away, one has to wonder what kinds of secrets Sombra is still hiding and if she will be unveiled during the Blizzcon Opening Ceremony. One thing is for certain, she is going to be here very, very soon…. hopefully.

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