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Is Sombra Being Announced For Overwatch Today?

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Is Sombra Being Announced For Overwatch Today?

Fingers crossed…

A mysterious post on the Overwatch forums has led many to suggest that Blizzard will be revealing the 23rd character for their class-based multiplayer shooter in just a few hours time.

The post is titled as a series of ones and zeros – “00110010 00110011” – meaning “23.” The message in the post reads “la que tiene la información; tiene el poder,” which translates to “she who has the information, has the power.”

After a few seconds upon opening the post, the page appears to begin glitching out, followed by a series of code running across the screen and a picture of Reaper flitting on and off. Decoding this message, as Reddit collectively has, leads to a URL, which presents a short video of Ana Amari’s medical report.

Fans have also found a website thanks to the skycoder code, with more text and an increasing percent counter. One Twitter user used the speed of increase to approximate a full reveal on Friday.

With all this considered, are Blizzard finally announcing the Sombra character that they’ve been teasing for so long?

Stay with Twinfinite to find out if anything happens later today!



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