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PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Gets Day-One Launch Details

Drawn to Death

PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Gets Day-One Launch Details

Free-to-play no longer.

The Official Playstation Blog has detailed what players can expect when exclusive shooter/brawler Drawn to Death launches, at a still undetermined date.

First and foremost, Sony has decided to make Drawn to Death a paid title; not a free-to-play, as was initially expected. This comes after significant testing and data collection during the game’s Limited Access phase. Overall, director David Jaffe notes that the core, moment-to-moment gameplay will be almost entirely unchanged.

What has changed, however, is the content players can expect to receive with the purchase of the Day One package. Players will now have access to all six playable characters, though they will not all be unlocked from the get-go. Jaffe states that this “change gives access to a variety of content right from the start, and provides players the opportunity to discover the playstyle that works best for them.” Additionally, all moves, abilities and weapons will be available as soon as each character is unlocked.

In addition to having access to all characters at launch, Drawn to Death will launch with ten “completely unique” levels. The levels announced are named Alientown, BloodBath and Flood, with more to be announced soon. Twenty-six weapons will be included in the game on Day One, though must be earned through gameplay.

According to the original post, Drawn to Death will launch with six games modes, including Classic Deathmatch, Classic Team Deathmatch, Core Deathmatch, Core Team Deathmatch, Organ Donor (a capture-the-flag-type mode) and Brawl, in which the levels get smaller as the match progresses.

Finally, Jaffe teased two New Mystery Systems, called Volcano God and Sphynx, both of which “are key to unlocking a host of cool in-game prizes, goodies, and abilities.” Though the details on these systems still remain a secret, they are confirmed to be part of the launch package.

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This post was originally authored by Adam James.

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