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New Pokemon GO Exploit Lets Players Control Gyms With Eggs

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New Pokemon GO Exploit Lets Players Control Gyms With Eggs

Egg OP.

Pokemon GO just can’t catch a break. Here’s another in-game glitch that lets players take control of a Gym with minimal effort. Reddit users are reporting seeing Gyms being held by mere Pokemon eggs. The thing is, these eggs are meant to hatch Pokemon. Therefore, they have no data or HP, but this also means that it’s impossible for other players to ‘defeat’ these eggs and take over the Gyms, essentially allowing trainers to earn free Pokecoins just by leaving their unhatched eggs there.

Since launch, the app has been plagued with other issues like server crashes (though these are a lot less frequent now) and the 3-step glitch which prevented players from tracking down nearby Pokemon. The good news is, Niantic has since become a lot more open in their communication with the player base, and this egg exploit will likely be patched out sooner rather than later. For now, be sure to stay away from Gyms with Pokemon eggs on them.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices in most major territories.

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