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Overwatch Earned an Insane $269 Million in Digital Sales in May


Overwatch Earned an Insane $269 Million in Digital Sales in May

That’s a whole lot of cash.

We all know that Overwatch was an extremely successful launch for Blizzard, but it happened to make even more money than anyone realized. Super Data Research has revealed that Blizzard made $269 million in digital sales across both the PC and consoles.

Out of both markets, Overwatch sold more on the PC as it was the best-selling PC title last month, beating out titles like Doom 2016, Minecraft, and Dark Souls 3. Over on consoles, Overwatch was the fifth best-selling game last month, beat out by games such as FIFA 16, The Division, and Uncharted 4: Thief’s End.

Along with revealing the title’s digital sales, Super Data Research also revealed that the game was the 5th most commonly streamed title last month. The report also noted that these sales mean that Overwatch beat out it’s nearest competition Battleborn which made an estimated $18 million.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard recently announced that they will be giving out harsh penalties to players who left competitive matches early and they disabled the ‘Avoid This Player’ function on PC.

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