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Overwatch Getting Massive XP Reduction and Season Long Bans

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Overwatch Getting Massive XP Reduction and Season Long Bans

Don’t leave!

As Blizzard gets ready for the release of Overwatch’s long-awaited competitive mode by way of a PC Public Beta, teamwork continues to be a major factor in every game’s outcome. Because of this, having team members leave mid-match can be devastating, especially in a competitive match, so Blizzard has introduced a heavy penalty on gamers who repeatedly leave competitive matches.

Players who repeatedly leave competitive matches will be greeted with a 75% penalty to XP earned, as well as match bans which can result in a season-long ban. Players will also be warned whenever they try to leave any competitive matches with the following screen (taken from Crave Online):


Recently on the Overwatch blog, Blizzard Entertainment explained that harsher penalties will be in place for competitive matches “because Competitive Play is more serious in nature, we want to make sure that player behavior is acceptable. This means that the penalties are more severe than in the Quick Play or Weekly Brawl! modes.”

In other Overwatch news, we recently reported that players will be able to unlock gold weapons from winning Competitive matches and that the ‘Avoid This Player’ function has been disabled in the PC version.

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