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Overwatch’s Competitive Play Mode will Give Players Gold Weapons


Overwatch’s Competitive Play Mode will Give Players Gold Weapons

Gotta get that gold.

We all know that Overwatch will be getting competitive play sometime next month, and director Jeff Kaplan has offered more information on what to expect when it drops. In a video specifically for the subject, he goes into the mode in full detail, talking about ranking up (and down), improving spectactor mode, and rewards. He says that cosmetic rewards will be in the system, from sprays and player icons (that you can only get by playing in each three-month season) to gold weapons.

Like most things in the game, the gold weapons don’t affect the game itself in any real way beyond just showing that you’re the best and for bragging rights. Seriously, can you imagine how awesome it’ll look dressed as Hanzo with a gold bow or a Reaper with gold shotguns? It’ll look pretty badass, particularly during the character highlights at the end of each match. If you’re the highest skilled of players, you’ll be able to unlock those faster than normal players, and there’ll be additional cosmetic rewards for the super elite to earn as well.

What are you looking forward to from Overwatch’s competitive play? Let us know in the comments below.

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