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Overwatch’s ‘Avoid This Player’ Function is Now Disabled on PC


Overwatch’s ‘Avoid This Player’ Function is Now Disabled on PC

Everyone’s avoiding the skilled players.

The PC version of Overwatch contains a neat little functionality called “Avoid This Player.” What this function does is that it allows you to prevent match-ups with a player if you feel that he or she is promoting toxic behavior or acting like a miscreant. However, Blizzard has quickly realized that a lot of people are using this function to avoid playing with people that may be too skilled for them.

The “Prefer”/”Avoid” player system was designed with the best intentions; however, it’s not currently performing in a way that we feel is healthy for the game. While the “Prefer This Player” option is more or less working as intended (and is thus still enabled), the “Avoid This Player” option has impacted the matchmaker in negative way and led to some very poor player experiences. Although we like the idea of being able to say “hey, I’d prefer not to play with this player,” the implementation of this mechanic is not where it needs to be, so we’ve disabled it and will be removing the UI option in a future patch.

Being avoided by other players because of your skill level could cause some people to suffer from long waiting times during matchmaking, and the game might even end up matching you against players of a much lower skill level. Until Blizzard finds some way to fix this issue, this function is probably better off being taken out of Overwatch for the time being.

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