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Shovel Knight Limited PS Vita Physical Edition Available for Pre-Order

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Shovel Knight Limited PS Vita Physical Edition Available for Pre-Order

Now you can shovel everywhere!

On the game’s official website, Yacht Club Games have announced that the PS Vita version of Shovel Knight is available for pre-order. The game will be released as a limited edition physical copy, but it was not stated how many will be sold

The game will include a 42 page instruction manual, the main story along with Plague of Shadows campaign, Challenge Mode, and have Kratos from God of War as an unlockable boss fight. Yacht Club Games stated that the PS Vita version will get updated for free when newer campaigns like Specter Knight and King Knight are released. The developers also shed some light on how Specter Knight’s campaign is coming along. They would go on to mention that they are now working on both campaigns at the same time, unlike how they did during the Plague Knight campaign which was the main focus for the team. 

The game is available for pre-order on FanGamer for $24.99 and expected to ship early October. There are no release dates for Specter Knight or King Knights campaign, but they did announce that Specter Knight will be releasing first. Of course, the new campaigns will be free for everyone no matter what platform they play Shovel Knight on.


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