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Kratos Will Return After God of War

God of War

Kratos Will Return After God of War

Sony Santa Monica also elaborated more on what we can expect from the game.

Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog, the lead director for the recently announced new God of War title, has revealed more details about the PlayStation 4 exclusive in an interview with LevelUp.

According to Barlog, this will not be Kratos’ last appearance in the series, and you will be playing as him throughout the entire game. This tempers previously circulated fan speculation that the game would represent a passing of the torch, in which you eventually play as Kratos’ son, who would then go on to become the next titular God of War.

Balrog also confirmed that there would be no multiplayer modes this time around, the likes of which were last seen in 2013’s God of War: Ascension.

In addition, Balrog spoke about the game’s combat, explaining that Kratos’ son would not be an obstacle to the player in the combat, and there will be no need to break off from fights to tend to him.

Speaking of Kratos’ son, it was revealed that the boy knows nothing of his father’s past exploits as the ghost of Sparta, though it’s likely that this revelation may occur at some-point during the main story.



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