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Pokemon Go SXSW Gameplay Footage Surfaces


Pokemon Go SXSW Gameplay Footage Surfaces

Master Balls at the ready.

A video showing Pokemon Go gameplay has hit the internet after a Niantics Lab panel at SXSW. An audience member recorded the demonstration being given and uploaded it to their Youtube account. He would later state in the comments that he doesn’t have any more videos because this was the only thing shown.

In the video above, you will see a trainer on a map about to face off against an Ivysaur. The camera then switches over to showcase the Ivysaur right in front of your view. It should be noted that there are no Pokemon being sent out by the trainer in this video. Evidently, throwing a pokeball does not guarantee success in capturing Pokemon as one of them misses Ivysaur altogether. The kinds of pokeballs shown are the original, great ball, ultra ball, and the master ball. It isn’t known if these are the only ones available or if others like a net ball will be part of Pokemon Go, as well.

After catching the Ivysaur, apparently you get XP for doing so and you’ll get a pokedex-esque rundown of the Pokemon you just caught. Also within that information screen is something called “Crystals,” which there is no further information of at this time.

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