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Paragon Reveals its Newest Hero, the Soul-Sucking Giant Sevarog

Sevarog Paragon Epic Games

Paragon Reveals its Newest Hero, the Soul-Sucking Giant Sevarog

Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to mess with giant dudes with hammers?

Keeping their promise to reveal a new character every three weeks, Epic Games has pulled back the curtain on the latest hero to join Paragon: Sevarog.

A melee tank, Severog is built around controlling the pace of battle, and capitalizing on the momentum that ensues. Not only does he wield a giant hammer that can smash enemies back with his ultimate Colossal Blow, but he comes ready for a fight with the crowd control ability Subjugate, rooting enemies where they are. His most defining feature however, comes from his Siphon ability. Consuming the souls of his enemies, minions and heroes alike, he stacks health, damage boosts, and even grows in size.

Sevarog will be added to Paragon this coming Tuesday, Mar 29. To see more, check out Epic’s in-depth look at the character on Twitch on Monday, Mar 28. Even though the game isn’t officially released yet, players can buy their way into the beta through the Founders Pack for $19.99. And since all heroes are available and free in Paragon, you could jump right in and devour souls the moment Sevarog drops next week.

Paragon is a third-person MOBA, and will be officially arriving on PS4 and PC sometime this year. If you don’t want to pay to get into the beta just yet, then no worries, as an open beta is planned for this summer.

What do you think of Sevarog? Let us know in the comments.

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