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Get Early Access to the Paragon Beta with Founder’s Packs

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Get Early Access to the Paragon Beta with Founder’s Packs

Become a founder today

Today, Steve Superville, the Creative Director on the upcoming MOBA, Paragon, detailed how you can be one of the first people to try out the game.

The news comes via a post on the PlayStation blog and details the introduction of Founder’s Packs. These Founder’s Packs will go on sale on March 14 and will allow players to gain early access to Paragon on March 18.

The admission fee for one of these Founder’s Packs is $19.99 and will get you access to the game, skins, boosts, and a bunch of cosmetic items you can unlock through playing the game. There are also Challenger Packs and Master Packs available for $59.99 and $99.99 respectively. These will also grant you access to the game, get you a huge number of skins, unlockable items, boost, a unique skin and a Founder’s Pack to give to a friend.

Throughout the Early Access Season, Paragon will be updated frequently with new heroes every three weeks for free. Epic Games will also hold community events and offer daily and weekly rewards to keep you coming back for more, too.

Paragon is a MOBA that has been designed specifically to prevent any pay-to-win scenarios. While you will be able to buy cosmetic items, boosts, and other convenience items, Superville claimed these were not gameplay-affecting items that will give one side a huge advantage.

If you’re not interested enough in Paragon to pay $19.99 to get early access to the game, you can hold out until the game goes into a free Open Beta in Summer 2016. You can sign up for the beta over at the Paragon site, which will also give you the chance to play in any upcoming free beta weekends.

Paragon is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016.


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