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Check Out Battleborn’s Hero-Filled Title Screen

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Check Out Battleborn’s Hero-Filled Title Screen

Hellooooooo, new wallpaper.

Battleborn is a game all about heroes. Its cast boasts 25 characters from different walks of life, from space marines to penguins in mech suits and robots in dapper evening wear. The difference in styles makes it feel like something from a teenager’s sketch book, but Gearbox hasn’t shown off all 25 of its heroes together in any real heroic context.

Thus far, they’ve only stuck with the core cast of characters–Rath, Montana, Orendi, and the like–to show off for wallpapers, the box art, and such. Until now. Fresh from the game’s writer Aaron Linde, here’s the cast of the whole game, assembled for its title screen. And looming in the background is the game’s villain, Rendain.

You’ll get a chance to experience what it’s like as each of the 25 heroes during the game’s beta in just a few weeks. Who do you plan on mastering first? Let us know in the comments below.

Battleborn makes its way to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 3.

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