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Take Back Redfall: Interactive Adventure Lets You Hunt Down the Night Manager in Choice-Based Narrative

Characters of Redfall
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Take Back Redfall: Interactive Adventure Lets You Hunt Down the Night Manager in Choice-Based Narrative

Choose your own adventure!

With the release of Redfall gradually approaching, fans can get an early start on their vampire-hunting adventures in the latest Take Back Redfall: Interactive Adventure. You’ll play as one of the heroes, Layla Ellison, in a text-based choice narrative, where you can explore the dangerous Basswood neighborhood.

In this monstrous journey, you must make difficult decisions that can determine your survivability, especially with the threat of the formidable Night Manager. Those who complete the quest can enter a sweepstakes prize of a customized Xbox Series X and controller featuring a darkly-themed Redfall design.

Aside from Layla, you can learn about other characters through the Field Notes section, along with a few tips and tricks that can make the decision-making process more manageable. In particular, when you read or listen to the voice recordings, Devinder and Remi will provide players with facts about Redfall and its lingering enemies.

It’s up to you if you want to make impulsive or safe choices throughout your journey, but you can hit the ‘Try Again’ button when things go south. Players can also restart their expedition anytime to unlock alternative endings and discover hidden valuables they may have missed.

Although the Take Back Redfall: Interactive Adventure is primarily text-based, you can expect several video snippets of gameplay as a reflection of your decisions. For instance, when users follow the birds, they can watch the brutal showdown against the Wailing Shadow.

So, whether you want to hunt some vampires or get the chance to win an exclusive Xbox prize, you can check out Take Back Redfall: Interactive Adventure on the official Bethesda website.

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