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Minecraft’s Latest Snapshot Brings New Archaeological Locations, Sign Designs, Sculk Sensors & More

Minecraft's New Sign Designs
Image Source: Mojang Studios

Minecraft’s Latest Snapshot Brings New Archaeological Locations, Sign Designs, Sculk Sensors & More

The Overworld just got a whole lot bigger.

Minecraft’s first Snapshot of Version 1.20, also known as Trails & Tales, has revealed significant changes to the majestic Overworld, showcasing new designs for Armor Trims, Archaeology, signs, and many more.

Aside from discovering Suspicious Sand, players can now dig up Suspicious Gravel blocks to unearth the ancient artifacts in Cold and Warm Ocean Ruins. You’ll also be able to explore the Trail Ruins, a primeval concealed base, to gather valuable gear for your journey.

Currently, the Snapshot features 20 Pottery Shards in five Archaeology sites, such as Desert Wells, Desert Temples, and Cold Ocean Ruins. Crafters can utilize these materials to construct archaic artifacts, displaying foregone stories from the age-old Overworld.

Another intriguing addition to Minecraft Snapshot and Beta is the new sign text feature, which permits players to design both sides with different colors. Before the update, this item was relatively lacking in the customization department, but now you can expand its range with all sides. On top of that, you can add Honeycomb to wax the sign and prohibit other players from messing with your structure.

The Deep Dark biome’s Sculk Sensors have received a new variant as well to filter vibrations based on their frequency. With the Wild Update, players must look out for these blocks due to their movement detection that awakens the Sculk Shrieker, resulting in the summoning of the formidable Warden.

What Are the New Armor Trims in Minecraft Snapshot & Beta?

Minecraft Snapshot and Preview exhibit five new designs for Armor Trims Smithing Templates in the Trail Ruins and Ancient City. For an overview, you can expect the following items in the game:

  • Wayfinder Armor Trim
  • Raiser Armor Trim
  • Shaper Armor Trim
  • Host Armor Trim
  • Silence Armor Trim

Those who aren’t familiar with the latest mechanics should note that these uniquely-designed gear are primarily for cosmetic purposes, allowing crafters to customize their outfits for battle. Minecraft Preview has also adjusted the Dune and Sentry Armor Trims to provide players with an updated pattern.

New Armor Trims in Minecraft
Image Source: Mojang Studios

When Does Minecraft Trails & Tales Update Release?

Since the Snapshot and Preview have been released, fans have wondered when the Trails & Tales Update will finally launch, especially with the arrival of the Cherry Blossom biome and Sniffer. As of right now, there is no official date for the next Minecraft update, but we do know that it will be out sometime this year, according to Mojang Studio’s announcement.

Fortunately, you can still test out the latest content in Minecraft Snapshot 23W12A and Preview, giving you a chance to venture into the archaeological-based world.

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