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How to Get “Invisible Groot” Skin in MW3

Another pay to win skin, yay...

CoD MW3 Invisible Groot Skin
Image Source: Activision via Twinfinite

Cosmetics are a big part of MW3, and there is no issue with that, but some operator skins are quite literally pay to win. So you know that getting it won’t actually make you a better player, don’t you? Anyway, here is how to get the invisible Groot skin in MW3.

How to Unlock the Gaia Skin for Nova in Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty has seen its fair share of P2W skins, most notably the Black Noir one. But in Season 6 of MW2, which lasts until Season 1 of MW3 starts, another P2W skin has been added. It’s the “invisible” Gaia skin for Nova.

CoD MW3 Invisible Gaia Skin Battle Pass
Image Source: Activision via Twinfinite

Since its release, it has caused much controversy among the player base. Activision nerfed the skin once already, but it still remains one of the most OP cosmetics in the game. The only way to get it is through the Season 06 Battle Pass.

You don’t have to finish the whole battle pass in order to get it, though. Disable auto-unlocking of the sectors first. It’s located in the bottom right of the battle pass screen. Now either unlock sectors F5 – F6 – F9 or F2 – F13 – F12. Whichever path you choose, unlock sector F10 and then F11, in which you can unlock the Gaia skin.

Is Getting a Battle Pass Worth It?

If you are a F2P player and have been saving COD points until now, this could be an excellent time to use them for a battle pass. Season 6 will end at the start of December, so you will have only about three more weeks to complete it. Have that in mind before purchasing.

If you didn’t know already, saving up free COD points for four seasons or buying a battle pass straight away can both be great investments. As long as you keep getting 1100 COD points from rewards each season, you will be able to get the next battle pass as well. It will require some commitment, but it’s a great deal compared to other games.

Will the Gaia Skin (Invisible Groot) Be Fixed in MW3?

If you’ve been experiencing issues with the invisible Groot skin, you can expect a fix for it in an upcoming patch. The cosmetic is currently unavailable, as indicated by the latest Modern Warfare 3 patch notes. This change was made to fix the visibility issues with the Gaia skin and will be brought back once the proper adjustments have been implemented.

Hopefully, a permanent solution will arrive soon with the MW3 Season 1 launch so the fans can access this unique cosmetic.

That about wraps it up on how to get the invisible Groot skin in MW3. If you want to read more about operators, we made a list of all operators in MW3, so be sure to check it out. For all other relevant Call of Duty news and guides, check out the links down below.

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