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Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Start Date & Everything We Know So Far

Season 1 is gonna be fun!

Although CoD’s latest title was officially released on Nov. 10, MW3 Season 1 hasn’t started just yet. Fortunately, there have been some new developments about its launch, and we’re to explain what you can expect.

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When Does MW3 Season 1 Start? Explained

According to Charlie Intel, MW3 Season 1 will be released on Dec. 6, 2023, after the conclusion of MW2’s sixth season. The event will likely begin around 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. GMT, as these are the standard periods that have been linked to past chapters.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 will showcase some significant changes for Warzone, Multiplayer, and Zombies mode to expand the world of CoD as we know it. Even more so, the patch will hopefully address some issues that have come during the game’s launch, including the Golden Enigma and FOV bugs.

What Will Be Included in MW3 Season 1? Explained


Rio Map in MW3 Season 1
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MW3 will launch with 16 maps, and players can expect three new maps to be added in Season 1. This will include Meat and Greece during the season’s launch, with Rio arriving during the Reloaded phase. Each map will showcase a 6v6 match, but there will also be a 2v2-based Gunfight challenge at the new Training Facility.

Warzone and Ranked

Warzone will become available for MW3 once Season 1 launches. Ashika IslandVondel, and the brand-new Urzikstan map will appear from the start. Players will also have a chance to battle it out in Resurgence, Plunder, and standard Battle Royale modes.

Champions Quest, a special contract available after a team wins five matches in a row, is also coming in Season 1. A new mechanic will be available wherein other players can steal the contract and the materials from the team trying to complete it. The new team will now be able to complete the quest themselves, earning them all the rewards.

Time to Kill is always a hot topic in Warzone. Player HP is going from 100 in MW2 to 150 in MW3, meaning t’s the same as in Warzone now; and it will stay the same in Season 1. That will make the kill times in all game modes fairly close, giving the players a better feel of enemy health. This will also create a bigger overall emphasis on accuracy in-game.

Ranked Mode will likewise come in Season 1, around the middle of the season, and Ranked Mode for Warzone is planned for early 2024 per Activision. Treyarch will be developing both the ranked modes, but there is no more information on the matter besides that.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Start Date & Everything We Know So Far
Image Credit: Activision via Call of Duty YouTube

Weapons and Vehicles

Players will have an immense amount of loadout options, especially considering that MW2 content will carry over. Activision also announced during CoD Next that they will add multiple new vehicles to 32v32 modes and Warzone in Season 1.

Twitter/X user @el_bebberto revealed in an unconfirmed leak which weapons will Activision in Season 1. You can check out the post below. Real-life names of the weapons presumably being added are IWI Tavor X95, FN Evolys, Cadex CDX-50 Tremor, Beretta PMX, and ARX160. However, bear in mind that Activision has yet to confirm which weapons are actually coming to MW3 in Season 1.

Hopefully, this answers all your questions regarding the release date and included content for MW3 Season 1. For more on the game, we’ve got plenty of related articles which you can check out below. Otherwise, keep it keyed to Twinfinite for all the latest content tied to the Call of Duty franchise.

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