All Warzone Mutations & What They Do - a human firing towards a mutant with green smoke out of his head

All Warzone Mutations & What They Do

Ready to mutate?

In the latest Call of Duty update, Season 4 Reloaded, there is a new mode that is going to bring some interesting changes in the gameplay of Warzone. Let’s take a look at all Warzone mutations & what they do.

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All Warzone Mutations & What They Do in Season 4 Reloaded

Season 4 Reloaded brings the all-new Mutation Mode, which is part of the Altered Strain Event. Mutation mode will see one team of humans up against one of mutants who possess a series of special powers that shall stunt, disorient, and poison their opponents.

Humans fighting against mutants
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Mutants cannot use Primary or Secondary weapons, nor perks or upgrades. Instead, they have specific classes with their own stats. Let’s take a look at all the mutations which shall be featured in Season 4 Reloaded:

  • Mutated Leaper: These are the basic mutants on the team, but still bring a dose of lethal rage, which makes them able to move faster, hit harder in melee and also easily detect enemies. The Leaper can also use a Snapshot Grenade which shall make foes visible to the rest of the team and attack with a high-impact charged leap.
  • Radioactive Beast: This terrifying beast is half dog and half mutant, and it shall charge towards humans with its fangs open. It can also help other mutants with an aura that shall heal and make its teammates move faster. Finally, staying close to other humans can reveal their position on the map for the whole team to see.
  • Contaminated Sludger: This hulking zombie is always in danger of exploding, thus throwing mutant sludge all around it. But that’s not all, as it can also make things harder for humans with the Smoke Grenade, which shall fog everything around it, plus a dangerous acid blast for close-ranged damage, along with pools of acid that will hurt and slow down humans.
  • Camouflaged Sneaker: This is a mutant that likes to play stealthy. This monster can slowly close the distance towards the enemy and not only leap with an electrified attack but also disorient humans with an EMP attack. Plus, activating the cloak allows the Sneaker to become partially invisible for a few seconds.

There is also one final Mutation, so far known as the Juggernaut, which shall be revealed after racking up several human kills.

There will also be new mutation powers which shall affect your Operator while you are in a Warzone match with Mutation rules. They are the following:

  • Bioshield: This creates a bubble that will shield you from incoming damage while also leaving you free to shoot enemies.
  • Mutant Leap: Perform a huge jump to cover long distances.
  • Divebomb: Jump into the air while diving towards a target. The impact will leave nearby opponents damaged while also pushing them back.
  • Toxic Stim Cloud: This gas cloud will inflict damage on enemies while also giving boosts to your teammates for a few seconds.
  • Sludge Sling: Sludge grenades can be tossed and will involve enemies in a gas cloud on impact, slowing down and damaging enemies.
  • Mutant Cloak:  You can turn partially invisible for a few seconds.
  • Mutant Vision: Can see the outlines of the enemies in red through walls for a few seconds.

Finally, in the course of the Altered Strain event, there will be further upgrades to the Mutant powers. They will be the following:

  • First Strike: Faster cooldown on the first ability used after respawn.
  • Flop Shot: Jumping from elevated surfaces will cause a small explosion.
  • Repocket: Killing humans using abilities has a chance to restore your tactical ability.
  • Attuned: Acquiring the Juggeranut will cost less kills
  • Galvanized: You will take less damage from explosives for a short time.

That’s all you need to know about Warzone Mutations and what they do. For more information on Warzone, check out our guides on how to get new Warzone Season 4 rewards and early patch notes for Season 4.

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