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How to Find Unstable Rifts in MW3 Zombies

Will you dare enter the rift?

As part of the new Season 4 Reloaded update, you’ll be tasked with learning how to find Unstable Rifts in MW3 Zombies. These add brand-new challenges within the heat of a Zombies match, meaning you’ve got to juggle more than just the waves of the undead coming after you. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find Unstable Rifts and how they work.

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Where to Find MW3 Zombies Unstable Rifts

You never know when an Unstable Rift in MW3 Zombies will appear, as they randomly spawn multiple times during the course of a game. We don’t yet know what physical appearance they’ll take, though, as Unstable Rifts aren’t due to release until later on in the season.

That was confirmed on the official Call of Duty X account, where Unstable Rifts are labeled as an ‘in-season’ arrival. Therefore, we’ll need to wait a little while before knowing what to look out for during a match.

To speculate, we’d recommend looking out for sharp rays of light in the dark sky of an MW3 Zombies match, likely beaming down onto a specific part of the map. Since the patch notes confirm you’ll have multiple Unstable Rift openings during a game, you should be able to find them quite easily.

A MW3 Zombies match in progress.
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How to Use Unstable Rifts in MW3 Zombies

Once you approach and enter an Unstable Rift, you encounter waves of zombies and other undead enemies. It’s a round-based mini-mode very reminiscent of the classic CoD Zombies formula. Solo or alongside co-op partners, a Rift-specific challenge will appear on-screen.

It’s unclear what these challenges may be, but it’ll likely be along the lines of getting headshots or using specific weapons. Each wave of enemies gets progressively hard until you either complete the requirement or run out of rounds and fail.

If you succeed in an Unstable Rift challenge, there’s one main reward. This is a reset of your weapon and schematics’ insurance time, meaning you’ll safely be able to carry them over into your next match. Some of the loot you can claim includes Pack-a-Punched versions of weapons, as well as perk and upgrade pick-ups.

However, you will face some nerfs to your gear after a successful rift, chosen entirely at random. We don’t know exactly what these drawbacks are, but you could lose some ammo, existing perks, or schematics for your equipped weapons.

That’s everything you need to know about Unstable Rifts in MW3 Zombies! For more on the Season 4 Reloaded update check out the full patch notes, plus all the new Warzone mutations.

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