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3 Ways Warzone 2 Can Instantly Improve To Stop Player Count Falling Further

Warzone 2 character on helicopter with LMG
Call of Duty

3 Ways Warzone 2 Can Instantly Improve To Stop Player Count Falling Further

Warzone 2 changes to arrest the slump in player count.

Warzone 2’s player count has been a big topic in the battle royale’s community of late, with players noticing that it continues to fall and sit well below launch levels. While the reasons for that are undoubtedly layered and complex, there seems to be a few simple and immediate changes Infinity Ward and Raven can make to arrest the slump and bring back new players. Here are 3 ways Warzone 2 can instantly improve to arrest its ongoing slump in player count.

1) Slower Time-To-Kill (TTK)

Warzone 2 and MW2 characters leaving dropship
Activision via Twinfinite

One of the biggest issues in Warzone 2 has been the TTK speed. While it’s undoubtedly satisfying to laser an enemy and eliminate them in milliseconds, it’s simultaneously incredibly frustrating to be eliminated so rapidly you never had a chance. Right now, Warzone 2 gunfights tend to be won by whoever saw the enemy first, bringing random chance into the game in far too big a way.

Slowing the TTK, either by buffing armor, health or reducing the relative damage of all weapons, would give players who get shot first a chance to get to cover and return fire. It would also go some way to fixing the lackluster pacing of Warzone 2 matches, with players spending 10 minutes looting up in a quiet Al Mazrah suburb only to be killed in milliseconds by an unseen enemy.

It’s also unclear why it was changed so considerably from the first Warzone, in which the balanced TTK made players of all calibers work for their eliminations, as well as feeling like they had a fighting chance when spotted by an opponent first.

2) Map Rotations

Warzone 2 logo on Verdansk from Warzone 1
Activision via Twinfinite

Right now there are only two maps in Warzone 2 – Ashika Island and Al Mazrah. There’s been the usual clamor for Verdansk but, in terms of freshening the battle royale experience up and alleviating some of its pacing problems, introducing an old environment or two does seem a smart move.

It’d lend more variety – aesthetic and gameplay – to players’ matches and put them on a map that doesn’t feel like plodding around a deserted city half the time. Whether it’d be on a fixed rotation, separate playlists or completely random, we’d welcome a break from the slow-paced and turgid Al Mazrah right now.

3) Operation Health

Operation Health in Rainbow Six Siege
Ubisoft via Twinfinite

Back in 2017, Ubisoft announced ‘Operation Health’ for Rainbow Six Siege. Instead of adding new characters to the Operator pool, it spent a season fixing bugs and generally seeking to improve the experience for all players. With many of Warzone 2’s problems still centering on bugs, glitches and cheaters, it seems a sensible decision to take a break from new content and instead focus on resolving some outstanding issues.

From players spawning in downed to getting head-starts in the Gulag, there’s many a game breaking bug players have to adapt to. Instead, a season of regular patches to tighten up Warzone 2’s infrastructure would benefit the entire community and surely make it a more attractive prospect to return to for players who’ve upped and left.

That’s our picks for ways Warzone 2 could instantly improve and arrest its falling player count. Let us know your ideas in the comments and check out all the related Call of Duty content below.

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