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Is Verdansk Coming Back to Warzone?

Is Verdansk coming back to COD: Warzone?
Source: Infinity Ward

Is Verdansk Coming Back to Warzone?

Will the fan favorite Verdansk make its return to Warzone?

Since there are so many rumors and leaks about the return of a beloved Call of Duty map, could Verdansk finally be coming back to Warzone? We’ll tell you what developers have previously said about this location and its possible future to explain its current status in the franchise. Moreover, we’ll provide details on the map’s overall history, including various fan opinions on Verdansk.

Is the Warzone Verdansk Map Returning?

Currently, there are no updates about Verdansk’s return to COD: Warzone, even if fans have petitioned for its return in Season 5. The community has been divided on this subject matter because some consider it to be one of the best maps, while others have indicated the area’s various issues.

Game developers have given provided more information about the status of this map, where they discuss how its immense download size may turn players away, as shown here:

However, a Raven Software developer has mentioned that it will be coming back next year on “certain platforms,” which could be a hint at the map’s arrival on mobile rather than console versions. It may also be that the map returns on just PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, as the SSD storage drives used in these consoles allows assets to be reused and as such, the file size of games to be far smaller than on last-gen consoles.

Keep in mind that this isn’t official information since Infinity Ward hasn’t made any announcements about its return to Warzone or COD: Mobile.

Verdansk has been in a few installments of the franchise, including COD: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Furthermore, cinematic trailers for COD: Black Ops Cold War showcased the map in several seasonal introductions.

Once Vanguard Season 1 arrived, Caldera replaced Verdansk, causing an outcry for longtime fans of COD. For example, players have claimed that the Caldera map lacks buildings and is mainly just an open area without many places to hide from enemies.

Other fans don’t want this location to return due to Verdansk’s past glitches in Warzone. In addition, these particular players believe nostalgia has blinded those who want it reinstated in the game.

Whichever side you are on, we have yet to see if Verdansk will come back to Warzone. But, before you go, you can view more content about the game by looking at the relevant links below and checking out the latest news about Call of Duty: Next.

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