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Full Storyline & Endings of Hogwarts Legacy

Image Source: Avalanche Software

Full Storyline & Endings of Hogwarts Legacy

Dragons and goblins and ancient magic, oh my!

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive, wonderfully immersive open-world game that takes place in the same universe as both the original Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series, boasting an entirely unique story set well before we came to know the Boy Who Lived. But what if you don’t have time to pay attention to the whole thing or are a little confused about the details? Then here is everything you need to know about the full plot, storyline, and endings of Hogwarts Legacy.

The game starts by giving you the ability to create your own original character. You experience an otherwise normal life as a fifth-year student at the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, going to class with the occasional adventure here and there, and of course cozy getaways at Hogsmeade.

Almost as soon as you arrive, you soon find yourself in the middle of chaotic events like a goblin war, a looming rebellion, and a revelation about your connection to a power known simply as Ancient Magic. Tasked with getting to the bottom of these matters while juggling your studies, it all makes for a thrilling, magical adventure inside and outside of Hogwarts.

Where and When Does Hogwarts Legacy Take Place?

Hogwarts Legacy takes place during the late 1800s, long before the events of the book series. Sky-bound carriages precede renegade flying cars, ancestors of well-known families like the Weasleys make an appearance, and a different bundle of conflicts arises during an otherwise peaceful period in the wizarding world.

Primary locations include a fully explorable Hogwarts that’s every bit as recognizable as ever, the beloved neighboring shop town Hogsmeade, and the ominous Forbidden Forest. Surrounding it are countless hamlets and various mystical locations scattered across the lush Scottish countryside.

Complete Storyline – Inside and Outside of School

The story begins with the player gazing through the patient yet ambitious eyes of a young witch/wizard protagonist, who receives a heartfelt letter from none other than Professor Matilda Weasley. It turns out to be a formal invitation to attend none other than Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, though with a somewhat late start as a fifth-year student, while Professor Fig serves as a mentor.

Fig chaperones the protagonist from London to Hogwarts via an airborne carriage pulled by Thestrals. Accompanied by Fig’s friend George Osric, they discuss the impending threat of a goblin named Ranrok, who reportedly is rallying all of goblin-kind in a rebellion against wizard-kind.

However, Osric says the Ministry does not seem to find the matter urgent. He then tells Fig that his late wife tried to learn more about Ranrok from the Ministry before her death, and left behind a mysterious artifact for him. Brandishing a strange symbol, neither of them can open it but in the new student’s hands, though, it unlocks immediately.

Hogwarts Legacy the news of Ranrok's rebellion at the start of the story.
Image Source: Avalanche Software

Inside lies a key with the same symbol on the handle. Just as the three of them question what it is for, a giant black dragon attacks the carriage, biting it in half and killing Osric. Fig and the protagonist plummet through the skies, at the last moment able to nab the mysterious key which turns out to be a Portkey that warps them to some unknown seaside ruins in the Scottish highlands.

Carefully traversing through, they find a strange mirror on a castle wall that only the student can see, due to it being created by the same magic as the key. Upon touching it, Fig and the student suddenly find themselves at a secret entrance into Gringotts Bank.

Inside the goblin-run bank, they ride a cart down to the deepest reaches of the caverns to reach Vault 12, one of the first ones created at the bank’s founding over four centuries ago. Within, the vault presents a number of trials for the player to overcome, and near the end, the two realize that the protagonist is capable of seeing ancient magic.

This leads to a confrontation with the hostile Ranrok, who is strangely capable of wielding dark, powerful magic. His actions trigger the vault’s protective spells, which Fig and the student use to their advantage to escape. Another ancient magic mirror brings them safely to Hogwarts grounds. Fig insists they hurry, as the Sorting Ceremony will be underway.

Hogwarts Legacy the great hall sorting ceremony.
Image Source: Avalanche Software

Fig and the protagonist reach the Great Hall just as the ceremony is ending, meeting both Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black and Professor Matilda Weasley, who also serves as Deputy Headmistress. After being sorted, the protagonist begins their studies as a fifth-year, having to catch up in some regards to their fellow students.

They participate in all manner of classes, including Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Divination, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. They become acquainted with companions such as Sebastian Sallow of Slytherin and Natsai Onai of Gryffindor, who help them explore the school grounds as well as neighboring shop-town Hogsmeade, and gradually other areas and hamlets in the surrounding countryside.

All the while, Professor Fig continues his investigation into ancient magic and invites the protagonist on certain quests to help uncover the source and history of it. They ultimately discover a secret, ancient chamber below Hogwarts, which later becomes known as the Map Chamber. It contains four giant moving portraits housing former Hogwarts staff who are designated as the Keepers of the ancient magic, guarding it from the outside world. These enigmatic figures are Percival Rackham, Charles Rookwood, Niamh Fitzgerald, and San Bakar.

Through them the protagonist learns that a previous professor, Isidora Morganach, disagreed with the Keepers on hiding ancient magic from the world, instead choosing to craft and leave behind a repository of said power. Ranrok is attempting to find this repository, harness its power, and have all goblin-kind rise up against the wizarding world in retaliation for being deemed second-class citizens forbidden to use wands. A group of dark wizards, led by Victor Rookwood, is also collaborating with Ranrok to support the goblin rebellion.

Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood and Ranrok meet to discuss plans.
Image Source: Avalanche Software

In order to stop both Ranrok and Rookwood from throwing the wizarding world into turmoil — as well as uncovering all of the secrets behind the ancient magic — the protagonist undergoes four different trials from each of the Keepers. These trials consist of a mix of dangerous battles and puzzles, all meant to test the mental and magical fortitude of the wielder.

At the end of each trial, a pensieve lies in wait; a magical contraption that allows people to store and examine memories. The protagonist uses it to look into the evocations of each of the four Keepers, learning about their connections to ancient magic, as well as to Isidora Morganach. Isidora used ancient magic to extract negative emotions, particularly from her ailing father.

The Keepers took notice of this and later learned that Isidora was starting to use ancient magic on students. They attempted to stop her but failed, leading to one of the Keepers using the killing curse on her to put an end to all of it. From that point, they decide to keep the repository she created a secret as well.

Hogwarts Legacy epic battle between Isidora Morganach and the Keepers.
Image Source: Avalanche Software

After the protagonist completes all four trials, they receive one final monumental task from the Keepers. They must create a wand forged from all of the artifacts found within the pensieves. Fig suggests going to Ollivander’s to complete the task. Once the Keeper’s wand is crafted, the protagonist is ambushed by Victor Rookwood, who peculiarly offers an alliance against the goblins. Upon refusing, the protagonist is forced to battle Rookwood, ultimately defeating him.

Hogwarts Legacy the final confrontation with Ranrok commences.
Image Source: Avalanche Software

Hoping to outpace Ranrok’s pursuit — and after fighting through hordes of goblins and trolls — Fig and the protagonist finally manage to track down Isidora’s repository, which leads to the last major decision to be made. The protagonist must choose whether to, as a wielder of ancient magic, claim the repository for themselves, or keep it hidden and safeguarded as the Keepers intended.

Regardless of the selection made, things don’t go quite according to plan as Ranrok picks the perfect moment to ambush the two, bursting in and claiming the dark power for himself. He uses it to turn himself into a dragon, leading to a dangerous, fiery final battle. While the protagonist emerges victorious, Fig is mortally wounded during the battle with Ranrok and dies shortly afterward. Despite the tragedy, with Ranrok’s defeat peace returns to the wizarding world.

A eulogy for Fig is later held, with Professors Weasley and Black in attendance along with the protagonist. Schooling resumes at Hogwarts, with O.W.L exams right around the corner. Professor Weasley awards the protagonist 100 House points for all of their accomplishments, leading to their respective house winning the House Cup.

Endings & Explanations

Hogwarts Legacy final battle with Ranrok.
Image Source: Avalanche Software

While most of the other, far smaller courses of action made by the protagonist throughout the main story don’t directly affect its outcome or any of the relationships made with companions or other characters, it’s the monumental choice made during the final confrontation with Ranrok that yields different possibilities.

Upon reaching the Repository, before moving further Professor Fig will turn to the player and ask what they intend to do with it, given their abilities as an ancient magic wielder. Here the player is provided with two options, each that will not necessarily make a tangible difference on gameplay but will set a different narrative for the road ahead.

Choose to Claim the Repository

If the player picks “I intend to open it”, implying that they will claim the Repository for themselves, this paves the way for the game’s “bad” ending. As soon as the dragon form of Ranrok ambushes the two, Fig is killed immediately before the final fight begins, getting hit by flying debris and ultimately buried below. Upon defeating Ranrok, the player absorbs the dark energy once wielded by the goblin. Their eyes glow red for a moment, implying that they now harness even more power, and it could very likely turn them down a sinister path.

Choose to Keep the Repository Contained and Hidden Away

If the player picks “Keep it contained”, implying that they don’t want the power and instead choose to keep it contained in the Repository, this will trigger the game’s “good” ending. Instead, Fig manages to aid the player throughout the final battle with Ranrok, but later still collapses from over-exertion and passes away, albeit more peacefully. While still tragic, it is the more noble route to take, and both endings still include Fig’s eulogy back at Hogwarts.

Either decision does not affect the player’s post-main scenario experience, nor any of the side quests involving characters like Sebastian. Any lasting impact from the player’s fateful resolution with the Repository will have to wait until either a DLC expansion or a potential sequel.

The Supposed “True” Ending

One other possible ending that has been deemed such by the player community is the so-called “True” ending, which doesn’t have anything to do with the Repository. Rather, it triggers with the completion of a quest obtained at Level 34 called The House Cup, the true final chapter of the game. Upon completing it, the player will be treated to a montage of scenes that leads to their respective house winning the House Cup, and then the final credits. This denotes the full conclusion of the main story of Hogwarts Legacy, and is also needed for 100% trophy/achievement completion.

And so ends our full, comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the full plot, storyline, and endings of Hogwarts Legacy! Please let us know what you enjoyed most about the story, and if you think it merits a sequel!

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