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Should You Go to Hogsmeade With Sebastian Sallow or Natsai Onai in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Should You Go to Hogsmeade With Sebastian Sallow or Natsai Onai in Hogwarts Legacy?

Charming Gryffindor or hilarious Slytherin?

Finally making your way to Hogsmeade to get some supplies in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, no sense in taking the journey alone, especially when the game has so many interesting students you can get to know. But who should you go to Hogsmeade with in Hogwarts Legacy: Natsai Onai or Sebastian Sallow? Here is everything you need to know.

Hogwarts Legacy Natsai Onai or Sebastian Sallow

It is important to note that regardless of who you pick, your decision won’t have a major outcome on the events of the story in Hogwarts Legacy. When it comes down to it, this decision all comes down to who you’d rather have as your guide to Hogsmeade.

If you’re still on the fence knowing that, then we’ve provided some specifics for which of these two characters would suit you best, all depending on personality types and interests.

Natsai Onai

If you decided to go with Gryffindor’s Natsai Onai, then you’ll also get to know Natsai a little bit more, as she talks about also being new at Hogwarts and how much she’s come to fall in love with locations like Hogsmeade despite missing her homeland as much as she does.

Some other stuff like dialogue will be different, but it won’t affect the story at all if you decided to go with her over Sebastian Sallow. So if you were as charmed by Onai as I was, then feel free to go with her to Hogsmeade.

Sebastian Sallow

If you choose Slytherian’s Sebastian Sallow to be your guide, then he’ll take you on the same route as Natsai Onai will, but instead of talking about Uagadou, you’ll get a conversation about how he spends some time here and there in detention, enough to keep him well-rounded. Just about every other interaction and bit of dialogue are the same, with some slight variations here and there.

If you’re someone that loves a good dose of sarcasm, then they don’t get much quippier than Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy.

That is everything you need to know on if you should go to Hogsmeade with Natsai Onai or Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy. For more on the game, including some helpful tips and tricks, be sure to take a peek at all of our related articles down below.

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