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Best Destiny 2 Berserker Builds for PvP & PVE

Destiny 2 Strand Screen
Image Source: Bungie

Best Destiny 2 Berserker Builds for PvP & PVE

Berserkers are unstoppable!

Destiny 2’s newest darkness subclass, Strand, has been unleashed into the game. Titans were pretty concerned about getting another melee-based subclass, but rest assured, Strand is an extremely powerful option in both PvE and PvP activities. So today, let’s discuss the best Berserker builds for PvE/PvP in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Berserker Build PvE/PvP

Destiny 2 Berserker Build PvE/PvP
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Berserker Titans operate more or less the same in both PvE and PvP, where the idea is to get your Barricade back as soon as possible so you can suspend your enemies with the Exotic leg piece, Abeyant Leap. Upon casting your Barricade, three waves of Strand will be unleashed, suspending any enemies caught in the way. With that in mind, we want mods that can return our Barricade quickly.

The most important mod to use in this instance is the class item mod, Distribution, which grants ability energy to all abilities after using your Barricade. After that, any Resilience mods that increase the stat to 100 will be needed. The rest of the mods you equip can be a personal preference based on your activity, such as reload mods for PvP or damage-resist for PvE.


Destiny 2 Strand Subclass
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Fragments are a different story when it comes to Strand, as we specifically want Fragments that increase our ability energy or the effects of suspend in some shape or form. With that in mind, the Fragments you want to equip are as follows:

  • Thread of Generation: Dealing damage generates grenade energy.
  • Thread of Mind: Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy.
  • Thread of Warding: Picking up an orb of power grants Woven Mail.
  • Thread of Continuity: Suspend, unravel, and sever effects applied to targets have increased duration.

Each of these Fragments are far and away the best choice for Berserker Titans in both PvE and PvP activities, as it will not only return their ability energy but also improve the effects of suspend, which is the whole point of the build. Woven Mail can be situational, but given the state of the game and how easy it is to come across Orbs of Power in both activities, the extra damage reduction is always appreciated.

Overall, Berserker Titans are the king of suspending their enemies with Strand, allowing them to essentially mitigate and dispose of any enemy in their way with ease, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

That’s everything you need to know on the best Berserker build for PvE/PvP in Destiny 2: Lightfall. Be sure to check out our latest guides, like what the best Void Hunter build is, and more below.

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