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How to Get Memory: Refractions of Light in Destiny 2

Follow a breadcrumb trail of Light Vestiges.

You need to get Memory: Refractions of Light to unlock the Facet of Awakening Prismatic Fragment in Destiny 2, but it’s unfortunately not a straightforward process. To obtain it, you need to collect various Light Vestiges. It can be a little difficult as the game doesn’t do the best job of explaining how. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that make this process a lot easier. We’ll go over them in this guide.

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How to Unlock Memory: Refractions of Light

The only way to unlock the Memory: Refractions of Light in Destiny 2 is to collect and convert five Light Vestiges by defeating glowing enemies in Cyst dungeons within the Pale Heart region.

After collecting five Light Vestiges, it will automatically convert into the Legendary Refraction Memory needed to locate and open the Prismatic Chest containing the Facet of Awakening Prismatic Fragment. Do note, that you need to first complete the Alone in the Dark series of quests from Micah-10 after completing The Final Shape’s main campaign to be able to collect and convert Light Vestiges.

How to Get Memory Vestige: Light

To get Light Vestiges in Destiny 2, you must defeat glowing enemies within Cyst dungeons in the Pale Heart expansion area. You can collect Light Vestiges by finding and defeating these enemies within the Sword Dance Cyst in the Refraction, the Searing Light Cyst in the Seclusion, and the Aerial Ace Cyst in the Transgression. However, we recommend prioritizing collecting Light Vestiges from the Sword Dance Cyst in the Refraction, as it’s here that Vesitges will convert into the Memory: Refractions of Light.

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When you have collected five Memory Vestige: Light within the Sword Dance Cyst area, it will automatically convert into a Memory: Refractions of Light. Then, you will get a new quest objective prompting you to “Locate the location of the memory somewhere in the Pale Heart.” A green marker will appear in the Refraction in the western part of the map, indicating its location.

Where to Find Memory: Refractions of Light

After heading into the designated location on your map, follow the objective indicator on your HUD until you reach a large open clearing with a very tall tree structure. You then have to climb and jump to the top of the tree to find the Prismatic chest where you can open it and claim your Prismatic reward.

Prismatic Chest location for Facet of Awakening in Destiny 2
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Opening the chest will reward you with the Facet of Awakening Prismatic Fragment. It’s a useful ability that will generate an elemental pickup of a matching type when you quickly defeat enemies with Light, Darkness, or Super attacks. It also gives you a useful +10 resilience for some added survivability.

That’s it on how to get Memory: Refractions of Light in Destiny 2. For more Prismatic Fragments be sure to check out all Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 The Final Shape here. You may also be interested in how to find Prismatic Chests and the best Prismatic Hunter builds.

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