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All Destiny 2 Supers, Ranked

I actually like the Well and Bubble changes.

Destiny 2 supers are one of the best parts of the game. We all love that particular power-fantasy sense that comes from blasting foes apart, but which super is the best? Today, we’re ranking every current super in Destiny 2.

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Every Destiny 2 Super Ranked by Class

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When it comes down to it, you will want to know which super is best for your particular class or even subclass. These rankings will take into account both PvE and PvP, as well as how effective a super is at crowd control.

Hunter Supers Ranked

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11. Blade Barrage

Blade Barrage used to be fairly good, even without using the Shards of Galanor Exotic. Unfortunately, after the nerfs this super has received as of late, Blade Barrage falls short compared to the other Hunter supers in a few ways. In PvE, Blade Barrage falls far short of other supers with mediocre damage and no crowd control, and in The Crucible, it is hit or miss, but not the worst.

10. Golden Gun – Deadshot

Of the two Golden Gun supers, Deadshot is just a bit less useful. Deadshot is only decently good in PvP where you can delete a whole team with a handful of accurate shots within medium range. In PvE though, Deadshot falls far short since you can’t deliver headshots for extra damage, which also applies to using Celestial Nighthawk.

9. Golden Gun – Marksman

Golden Gun – Marksman is the one you will want to use in Destiny 2’s PvE. You can only fire Golden Gun – Marksman three times, with the tradeoff being that headshot damage now counts. Additionally, using the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic helmet with this super means your single overpowered shot will do more damage to the head. This results in respectable damage, but not enough to impress anyone without other buffs, debuffing the enemy with the Weakness debuff, and taking advantage of Solar Surge.

8. Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm can be a fun one-and-done super with how quickly it can be fired off in PvP. Unfortunately, his super doesn’t have any crowd control outside of potentially stun-locking the enemy you jam your electric staff into. In PvP, you can grab a kill or two with it fairly easily, but it is far from the best roaming super. However, in PvE, the damage can be impressive, but only if you’re using the fully-charged Star-Eater Scales Exotic legs.

7. Spectral Blades

Spectral Blades is in a weird place as a super. In PvE, Spectral Blades can do surprisingly high damage. The problem is that the super is clunky to use and it’s not easy to land all of Spectral Blade’s dashing strikes. Thankfully, this super does fare a bit better in PvP since it makes you invisible, gives you wall hacks, and grants a decent amount of damage reduction.

6. Silence and Squall

What Silence and Squal lacks in damage, it makes up for in sheer crowd control with how the blizzard tornado travels, slows, and freezes during its duration. This makes it especially useful in The Crucible with how effective it is as a one-off emergency super. Within a second of its use, you instantly freeze whatever you’re aiming at before the storm buries them.

5. Shadowshot – Moebius Quiver

Moebius Quiver used to be one of the best for damage, but now it’s simply good, even when you use the Orpheus Rig Exotic boots. Ultimately, the Moebius Quiver’s lack of a longer duration stifles its usefulness if you don’t land every shot. Still, the crowd control is respectable for as long as the short anchors last.

4. Silkstrike

Silkstrike is one of the better-roaming supers in PvE and PvP due to how mobile it makes you when using the Grapple grenade. That is on top of the range granted to the super’s single target and area of effect attacks. Being able to grapple in between attacks without cooldowns is what makes Silkstrike potentially so mobile. If Silkstrike had a little bit of crowd control, it would nearly be perfect.

3. Arc Staff

Arc Staff doesn’t do much in terms of crowd control, but it’s one of the hardest-hitting roaming supers in the game. By itself, it’s not the best for PvE but is still quite effective in PvP with the deceptive range of each strike combined with being able to block. Where the Arc Staff excels in PvE is with the Blight Ranger Exotic helm. This is because blocking reflects projectiles that do 400% more damage and can generate over a dozen orbs of power that each grants 7% of your teammate’s super bar.

2. Shadowshot – Deadfall

After all these years Deadfall still feels great in PvE with the range and duration of each anchor that latches onto enemies. In PvP, it still leaves you wide open to counterattacks by those not caught within, making other Hunter supers better in that regard. Still, using Deadfall, especially with the Orpheus Rig exotic boots, followed up by a grenade or rocket feels and looks amazing while also keeping enemies tied down.

1. Storm’s Edge

Storm’s Edge is the latest Arc super to grace the Hunter. Found during The Final Shape campaign, this Prismatic subclass-compatible super has insane mobility, making it ridiculously good in PvE and PvP. You get three uses out of it per cast, and each use hits twice for massive damage in a huge AoE circle around you. With Star-Eater Scales, the damage makes it one of the most potent in the game if you land all six hits.

Titan Supers Ranked

9. Glacial Quake

I’ve always really wanted to like Glacial Quake, but it always felt like an icy reskin of Fist of Havoc. It still feels that way today in either mode with how little crowd control it has going for it. There are simply better alternatives.

8. Fist of Havoc

In Destiny 1 and Year 1 of Destiny 2, Fist of Havoc was a lot of fun and great at clearing waves of enemies. While Fist of Havoc can still be useful in PvP to some degree, it falls short in PvE with unimpressive damage and no crowd control. Its one saving grace is using it on an enemy Guardian who thinks they have you beat.

7. Sentinel Shield

Ironically, I preferred Sentinel Shield when it was a part of Ward of Dawn. Being able to choose which super to use based on circumstance felt better compared to now where blocking with the Sentinel Shield has its uses in tougher PvE encounters. However, Sentinel Shield doesn’t stand out for general use in either mode.

6. Ward of Dawn

One of the biggest super changes from The Final Shape is Ward of Dawn. This iconic super was nerfed into the ground for PvP and nerfed a bit in PvE. Weapons of Light is no longer a thing without the Helm of Saint-14 Exotic, stripping away one of the best benefits for teams wanting a weapon damage boost without using Well of Radiance. Since Ward of Dawn doesn’t do much for damage anymore, Titans have better options if they want to increase their fireteam’s overall damage.

5. Hammer of Sol

Hammer of Sol, like Burning Maul, is still a very solid Solar super that delivers competitive damage. What’s better is that it’s a ranged roaming super for the Titan, making it very useful in both PvE and PvP modes if you don’t want to get into melee range.

4. Thundercrash

Thundercrash is the Titan’s go-to super for pretty much both modes. It’s quick to use, does massive damage, and gives a ton of mobility. When paired with Cuirass of the Falling Star, Thundercrash’s damage increases by 100% and gives you an overshield depending on the distance traveled. Regardless of the Exotic armor used, this is still one of the more terrifying supers to go up against in The Crucible.

3. Burning Maul

The Titan’s other Solar super here is no slouch. Sure, it’s not a ranged super, but it does have its heavy attack slam that sends out a cyclone. The only downside is you can’t use this super while in the air; you have to be grounded. That said, Burning Maul’s damage with the Pyrogale Gauntlets is increased and changes Burning Maul into a much more powerful single-cast super. Burning Maul is still fun to use in The Crucible, but there are better options.

2. Bladefury

Bladefury, the melee-based Strand super, is one of the best these days in Destiny 2. Why? Because it simply does some of the best damage in the game when combined with the right Strand aspect and Exotic armor like Synthoceps. This works very well in PvE since you’ll be constantly surrounded. Bladefury isn’t quite as good in PvP, but it’s fast enough and has some ranged crowd control that can be hard to deal with.

1. Twilight Arsenal

Like the Hunter’s #1 super, Twilight Arsenal is the Titan’s latest ranged super from The Final Shape. This is hands down one of the most fun one-off supers in Destiny 2. The three axes you throw out deal massive damage by themselves, but what’s better is how you and your team can then use those axes for another tenseconds or so for even more damage. It’s great in every mode and can be used with the Prismatic Titan subclass. There’s nothing to dislike here.

Warlock Supers Ranked

10. Nova Warp

I remember when Nova Warp used to be king in The Crucible. Many nerfs later and it’s a shell of what it used to be. It’s certainly useable in PvE and to a lesser extent PvP, but I wouldn’t recommend it with the other options Warlocks have.

9. Stormtrance

Stormtrance suffers from the same issues that Nova Warp does. It puts you in near-melee range as a roaming super on the Warlock. Beyond that, Chaos Reach is far superior in its damage output and range. The two things Stormtrance does get right are the ability to quickly warp and the power fantasy of blasting force lightning, like in Star Wars.

8. Nova Bomb – Vortex

Of the two Nova Bomb supers, Vortex falls just a bit short of what Cataclysm delivers. The damage itself isn’t as impressive as the other supers on this list, but can be fun in PvE and PvP if you’re feeling nostalgic or simply want a Void super.

7. Nova Bomb – Cataclysm

Much like Vortex, this aging super falls far short in damage and crowd control compared to newer supers. I would even argue that Well of Radiance post-nerf is still better in what it brings to the team. Like the Skull of Dire Ahamkara Exotic helmet, the Nova Bomb supers could use a touch-up.

6. Well of Radiance

This is the big one. Before The Final Shape, this was the best super to use hands down. While in the Well, you and your team were just as safe as pre-nerf Ward of Dawn. But now, survival inside of the Well is massively reduced, thankfully the damage buff is the same. If you combine the current Well of Radiance with the current Ward of Dawn bubble, then you’ll effectively be getting what Well of Radiance was before. Yikes.

5. Winter’s Wrath

This super is still one of the better ones to use in The Crucible. Easy to freeze and shatter is what makes this super intimidating. Add the Ballidorse Wrathweavers Exotic gauntlets and they get even scarier with a 100% increased shatter damage, and a 30-meter-range buff to allies giving them max Frost Armor stacks.

4. Needlestorm

Needlestorm is what players want modern-day Nova Bombs to feel like. The needles you fire out are fast and hit hard, which then turn into a bunch of Threadlings which is always fun and more damage to boot. The only issue is that it is difficult to land all of the needles unless the target is quite large. Regardless, this super excels in PvP and PvE if used on large groups.

3. Daybreak

Right now, Daybreak sits in a halfway decent place. Mobility is high, its damage is far from the worst, and it can reach very high numbers with the right builds. Additionally, this super also shines in PvP where mobility and height advantage are more important. The Dawn Chorus Exotic helmet helps with tracking too and increases scorch stacking, which is a nice bonus if you just really like using Daybreak.

2. Chaos Reach

Chaos Reach extends beyond the other Warlock supers on this list, quite literally. The damage is among the best in the game in PvE and is made much better when using the Geomag Stabilizers Exotic pants. In PvP, Chaos Reach isn’t quite as potent but it’ll still quickly wipe out anyone on screen, so it’s useful if you can cast it on a group of enemy players. Just be careful, because Chaos Reach’s extended duration when using Geomag Stabilizers can leave you open to counterattacks.

1. Song of Flame

Song of Flame is Warlock’s new super that dropped with The Final Shape. Like all of the other new supers, this roaming Solar super hits hard and often as you alternate between the tracking grenades and the scattered Solar melee attacks. Regardless of where you use this new super, you’ll be racking up a lot of kills whether or not you’re using the Prismatic Warlock subclass.

I’m not surprised that the best supers on this list are also the ones most recently added to Destiny 2. That said, the super that stands out the most for damage and usefulness is Song of Flame. The other two are close and can be more useful in certain places like The Crucible, but Song of Flame’s raw roaming damage keeps it relevant in a greater variety of places and modes.

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