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How to Fix the Memory of the Witness Reward Glitch in Destiny 2

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Defeating the Witness, the final boss of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, will reward you with the Memory of the Witness. This Item can be redeemed after completing the Excision raid in exchange for a variety of raid weapons. However, some players are experiencing a problem following the raid. Here’s what you need to know about the Memory of the Witness reward glitch in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Memory of the Witness Glitch Fix

In theory, redeeming the Memory of the Witness is supposed to grant you a weapon obtainable throughout the Raid. However, some players are instead gaining nothing but spoils as a result of their work. Even worse, it appears that the key is being lost in the progress.

At present, there appear to be two different possible causes for the error.

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  • Some people are reporting that the rewards for completing the raid will always be weapons that were dropped during the run. As such, if you’ve had a particularly unfortunate run without any applicable loot being dropped, it’s possible that consuming the key will only reward you with generic spoils, and not the legendary loot you had your eye on.
  • Another possibility, raised on Reddit, is that the rewards vary depending on how many phases you kill the Witness in. Specifically, you need to defeat the Witness within three phases in order to receive the rewards for the Excision raid.

However, it does appear that this issue is unintended, at least if Bungie Support is anything to go by. As such, it’s possible that this issue will eventually be fixed. As such, be sure to keep an eye on the patch notes.

Excision isn’t the only raid in Destiny 2. Check out our loot table for Salvation’s Edge to see what gear you could be walking away with. If you’re looking for another challenge, here’s how to unlock the Enigma Protocol quest.

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