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How to Begin Destiny 2 Enigma Protocol Quest

Echoes of Adventure

Among the new quests you’ll come across in Destiny 2: Episode Echoes is the Encoded Log quest. This sees disturbances tied to the Vex appear throughout the planet of Nessus. Only by completing the Encoded log quest you will be able to access and begin the Enigma Protocol quest in Destiny 2.

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Complete the Destiny 2 Encoded Log Quest

Well of Echoes Destiny 2
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As you explore Nessus alongside Failsafe, you’ll come across a mysterious figure on the landing zone. Approaching the figure will make it disappear, and you’ll receive a strange message.

Luckily, the means to decode the message is close. Below you, you’ll see some radiolaria. Interacting with it will give you the decoder buff. Returning to where you saw the figure will decode the message.

From here, you’ll need to travel to The Tangle. Follow the directions from the next figure, which will be at an intersection. Before you interact with it, you’ll need a new decoder buff. Climb into the canopy to find it.

Next, you’ll need to head to the Well of Echoes, which can be found in The Tangle’s southwest corner.

Once you get to the Well of Echoes, follow the path and you’ll eventually come across a Vex teleporter. jump through, and you’ll come across a variety of enemies, including a new enemy named Argus: Firewall Champion. This Minotaur has a shield that you’ll need to destroy before you can take him down.

There are four Vex cubes around the area that power Argus’s shield. You’ll need to search for and destroy these cubes while taking care to avoid being killed.

Once you’ve destroyed the cubes, Argus will be vulnerable to damage. Take him down and a hole will open in the floor. Jump through, and you’ll find a new Quest Marker. Interacting with this Marker will begin the Enigma Protocol, a 2,005-power mission.

If you’re looking to power up ahead of attempting the Enigma Protocol, why not try your hand at the Breach Executable activity? For more, check out how to unlock Prismatic Aspects on a second character and all Prismatic Fragments listed.

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