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Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid Loot Table – All Weapon & Armor Drops

Searching for Salvation.

Salvation’s Edge is a six-person raid introduced in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. This post-game raid offers a bevy of different rewards for players who successfully defeat the five bosses. Here are all the weapon and armor drops in the Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge raid.

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Salvation Edge Loot Table

Before we get to the loot table, it’s worth noting that to unlock the Salvation’s Edge raid, you’ll need to complete the Wild Card Exotic quest. The raid has a power cap of 1,965.

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There are five different boss encounters within the raid.

SubstratumImminence (Submachine Gun), Nullify (Pulse Rifle), Non-Denoument (Bow), Gauntlets, Chest
Herald of FinalityForthcoming Deviance (Glaive), Non-Denounment (Bow), Summun Bonun (Sword), Helm, Class Item
RepositoryNullify (Pulse Rifle), Critical Anomaly (Sniper Rifle), Imminence (Submachine Gun), Gauntlets
VerityImminence (Submachine Gun), Non-Denounment (Bow), Summun Bonun (Sword), Legs
The WitnessCritical Anomaly (Sniper Rifle), Euphony (Linear Fusion Rifle), Nullify (Pulse Rifle), Summun Bonun (Sword), Helm, Legs

All of the possible rewards are legendary items. Looking at the table you’ll see that apart from the Euphony, each of the possible weapons you’ll get are available from multiple bosses. However, the stats and perks will vary for the most part.

Every item dropped will come with the Collective Purpose trait. This gives bonus range and handling to your weapons when you’re near enemies. Meanwhile, bows gain a faster draw time and swords charge faster when enemies are nearby, helping to turn the tides in your favor if you find yourself outnumbered.

The armor is more randomized. However, the drops are all part of three different sets, one for each class: Promised Reign (Hunter), Promised Reunion (Titan), and Promised Victory (Warlock).

Destiny 2: The Final Shape has plenty of content to explore. Here’s how to complete the Dual Destiny Exotic mission, and here’s how to get the Relativism Cloak Exotic.

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