Relativism Hunter class exotic cloak in Destiny 2 The Final Shape
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How to Get Relativism Cloak Exotic in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Will you and your friend come around?

Bungie has hit the nail on the head with The Final Shape, but they’ve gone overboard with some quests. One of them is related to the new class-specific exotics. If you want to learn how to get the Hunter class exotic, the Relativism cloak, in Destiny 2, scroll down and brace yourself for at least an hour of action.

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How to Get Relativism in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

The first thing you need to know before you start doing this quest line is that you’ll need a premade to get the exotic item for your class. You won’t need it for the first part, but for the second, you definitely will. However, doing it with randoms without voice chat can be difficult. So, I advise you to start looking for a teammate right now.

How to Unlock the Dual Destiny Exotics Quest in Destiny 2

To get Relativism and all other class-exclusive exotics in The Final Shape Destiny 2 expansion, you’ll first need to unlock the Dual Destiny side quest. Before you do that, make sure to complete the Alone in the Dark and Lost in Light quests from Micah, as well as her Covalence quests. Otherwise, Secret Keepers won’t spawn for you. Once you’ve done so, follow these steps to unlock Dual Destiny:

  1. Go to The Pale Heart and complete the Overthrow Regional Activity in The Blooming.
  2. After you’ve completed the activity, you’ll get a prompt saying the Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen is near. Search the area for the keeper and defeat it.
  3. Repeat the process for the Overthrow activities on The Impasse and The Landing, too. You’ll need to defeat all three keepers to progress the secret quest line.
  4. Now, go towards The Refraction, where you’ll see a pillar of light beaming into the sky. Go towards it, and you’ll reach an underground cave. It hosts a crystalline statue of Savathun, which gives you a buff called the Envoy of Savathun. This, in turn, starts a side quest with markers outside the cave.
  5. Go outside and find the boss that spawned nearby, who is called Expector Selin. As you fight him and take him down to about 1/2 HP, he’ll drop a ball of light. Pick it up, carry it back into the crystalline cave, and plant into the light platform that spawned.
  6. Next, repeat the process and kill the boss to get the second orb, which is infused with darkness this time. Carry it back into the cave to the corresponding platform.
  7. Once you’ve planted both orbs, approach the statue of Savathun and interact with it to begin Dual Destiny. Note again that you’ll need to be in a two-man party to start the quest.

How to Finish the Dual Destiny Quest in Destiny 2

Dual Destiny is the quest that will reward you with the exotic class item in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion, and if you are playing Hunter, then it will be the Relativism Cloak. For the bigger part of the quest, you’ll be either doing parkour or killing mobs. So, I will outline only the parts at which you might get stuck, adding extra notes if needed:

  • One player will be Darkness Aligned and the other Light Aligned. This will matter for solving the quest and progressing stages.
  • To finish each stage, the Darkness Aligned player will have to find and stand in the Darkness circle and the Light Aligned player in the Light circle.
  • Even though it says Equipment Locked at the start, you’ll be able to change your loadout however you want, except for your subclass, which will be locked for real.
  • The Darkness Aligned bosses can only be damaged by the Darkness person, and the same is true for Light Aligned.
  • Motes you collect reveal targets with symbols for one player, and the other can then see a specific symbol at one of the light/dark altars. Communicate the shape of the symbol and shoot it down to progress these parts.
  • For the parkour section, always kill enemies first and then advance, as they can push you down and kill you.
  • The solution for the first clock-shaped floating stones puzzle is to defeat a Tormentor that spawns, which grants the killer the Harmonic Sundering buff. With it, you can then shoot the floating stones. The correct ones to shoot are the ones that aren’t connected by light to the center stone on either player’s screen (each player sees a different pattern). So if stones (counting from left) 1,2,3 are not connected for one and stones 4,5,6 for the other player, the solution is to shoot stones 7,8,9.
  • For the last two bosses (after 2nd rally point), once they go immune, find the dark/light wizards and defeat them depending on your alignment.
  • You’ll also need to shoot down symbols. One player will see the correct ones floating in the middle of the room, and they need to communicate their order from top to bottom to the other player. This will repeat for both bosses.
  • After you defeat both bosses, find the wizards again and defeat them to get Harmonic Sundering. There are now two “stone clocks” in the room, one for each player. You’ll both have to shoot only one stone on each clock, and it’s the one that is connected to the middle for both players. So if stones 1,2,3,4 are connected for one and 4,5,6,7 for the other, the solution is stone number 4.

Once you’ve defeated the bosses and solved the second stone puzzle, move forward to the reward room. You’ll get a chance to choose Peace or Prepare for Battle. Choosing Peace leads you straight to the reward, which is the Relativism cloak for Hunters. On the other hand, Battle forces you to fight your teammate’s ghost first. You get the reward in the end, no matter what you choose.

Well, that was a long one. If you employ all that you’ve learned here, getting the Relativism cloak in Destiny 2 should be easy peasy. For more info on all the content that’s featured in The Final Shape expansion, visit the Destiny 2 section on Twinfinite.

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