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A Giant Red Rift Is Looming Over Fortnite’s Island Ahead of Chapter 4 Season 2

A Giant Red Rift Is Looming Over Fortnite's Island Ahead of Chapter 4 Season 2
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

A Giant Red Rift Is Looming Over Fortnite’s Island Ahead of Chapter 4 Season 2

Surely it can’t be dangerous if it looks this cool?

As everyone knows, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is in its final days, and the cracks are finally starting to show. All season fans have been drawn to the circular Star Gate at the top of the Warden’s Watch landmark tower. It seems that vigilance was actually justified, as the gate is now absolutely destroyed with this odd red rift that can be seen in the sky from everywhere.

Besides the wreckage, the clear sign that the Warden’s Watch was the genesis of this rift is the thin red trail leading up from the center of the tower. While this current map was only recently cobbled together at the start of season one, the rift looks posed to rip it apart again.

With the lack of a finale event, fans likely won’t get to directly experience whatever bad things are coming due to the rift, but the launch trailer for the new season promises to be epic. One of the hallmarks of Fortnite chapters is that they eventually sink into some cataclysm, such as with the chrome that later destroyed chapter three.

As things are now very clearly headed toward the end, players should be focusing on clearing out some of the game’s final few quests for their rewards, such as those for the Cipher questline. Right now, everything you do is under the creepily watchful eye of this new feature in the sky that may very well be a threat.

With the last day of season one fast approaching, tomorrow might see some sort of evolution of this rift to give players a solid hint about its true purpose.

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