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This Cryptic Fortnite Tweet Has Been Solved with ChatGPT

Someone's Just Solved a Cryptic Fortnite Tweet with ChatGPT
Image Source: Epic Games

This Cryptic Fortnite Tweet Has Been Solved with ChatGPT

Big help from an unexpected source.

The most recent tweet from the @FortniteStatus Twitter account regarding downtime for update v23.50 included the developers doing some cryptography with a mysterious string of numbers. As recently announced, there is only a little over a week left of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, so this is the perfect time for Epic Games to start teasing what might be next for the game, as hasn’t yet been word on if there will be a finale event.

As fans have been racking their brains over what the numbers could possibly symbolize (they definitely aren’t the numbers from the TV show Lost), an answer came from a very unlikely source: ChatGPT. That’s right, the AI chatbot has solved the puzzle, though the answer should’ve been obvious. Dataminer @HYPEX is the one who first posted the response from ChatGPT.

In this simple key to the cipher, A is 1, B is 2, and so on. With that, we get the answer of CRACK THE CODE. Though the code itself has yet to be seen, it sounds like something that will be added when the new update goes live.

If the new string of numbers uses the same cipher, the help from ChatGPT will certainly have the answer floating around almost instantly.

Fortnite has been rather busy recently, and it looks like that will continue all the way until the servers go down for chapter two preparations. We will be sure to share anything big that comes out of these teasers, so stick with us.

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