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Minecraft’s Upcoming Version 1.20 Will Blossom a New Biome

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome
Image Source: Mojang Studios

Minecraft’s Upcoming Version 1.20 Will Blossom a New Biome

La Vie En Rose.

With Minecraft’s upcoming update, pink is the new green in the vibrantly designed Cherry Blossom biome, featuring colorful wood sets to decorate your next dream home. In this region, you’ll get the chance to explore a world filled with radiant cherry blossom trees, as well as interact with the animals that are attracted to its aromatic scent.

Those who want to create their own pink world can gather cherry tree saplings to plant around your base or use your shears to collect its shrubs. Players can also expect another variation of a hanging sign to welcome in visitors or ward off unwanted guests.

Besides the biome, Version 1.20 will bring a new aspect of Archeology, where crafters can uncover unique blocks while digging in the sand. Then, you can use the Brush tool to unlock materials, such as Pottery Shards and other resources.

The winner of Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote, the Sniffer, will also make an appearance, including the creature’s eggs that can be found in Suspicious Sand. In return, you can nurture the adorable creature while it’s young until it grows up to be the ultimate sniffing master, in which it will find ancient seeds of the Overworld.

So, if you want to try out these latest features, you can go to Java snapshots or Bedrock betas/previews to get early access to this breathtaking biome, archeological career, and lovable animal.

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