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Minecraft’s Free DLC Camp Enderwood Lets You Explore the Woods, Fight Monsters & More

Camp Enderwood Gameplay
Image Source: Mojang Studios

Minecraft’s Free DLC Camp Enderwood Lets You Explore the Woods, Fight Monsters & More

Roast some marshmallows next to the cozy fire!

Summer is starting early with Minecraft’s new free DLC, Camp Enderwood, featuring fun activities and spooky adventures in the mysterious forest. While fearless players can participate in the campy horror gameplay, others can stay in the base without the terror of monstrous creatures.

Camp Enderwood showcases several events where you can show off your skills, such as parkour, archery, hide n’ hunt, and many more. In return, players will receive marshmallows, which can be used to make tasty smores.

If you have enough courage to go beyond the camp, you can explore the dark woods to get the lay of the land. But be sure to equip some armor and weapons since you will undoubtedly run into a few enemies along the way.

Besides the DLC, crafters can check out the new Mattel Creator Series, including the following content:

  • Three Camper Sets
  • Two Cryptid Expansion packs
  • A Mount Enderwood Yeti Scare story pack
  • Two actions figures and a campfire

The Mattel Creator Series action figures are real-life toys that can be purchased at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. Players can also look forward to five more sets in the summertime for other themed cosmetics. Furthermore, buying these items will give you access to in-game equivalent accessories with the scannable code from their packages.

Action Figures
Image Source: Mojang Studios

Those who don’t want to spend money can still get free content in the Dressing Room, with unique Camp Enderwood Character Creator materials.

So, if you want to join in on the fun, you can download the DLC for free on the Minecraft Marketplace or through the scannable code from the action figure package.

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