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Fortnite’s Slurp Juice Is Set to Make Its Return This Week

Fortnite's Slurp Juice Is Set to Make Its Return This Week
Image Source: Epic Games

Fortnite’s Slurp Juice Is Set to Make Its Return This Week

Time to dust off those cobwebs from the vault.

Fortnite is reaching far back into the vault to bring back a consumable that hasn’t been seen in the main battle royale modes since the release of Chapter Two. Slurp Juice will finally return to the game after a long hiatus with the Feb. 7 update.

Unlike items at that time that were vaulted for being broken or glitched, Slurp Juice merely had the misfortune of being rendered entirely redundant by features of the new Chapter Two map. As the game currently lacks quick healing items outside of Chug Splash, this will surely liven up fights across the island.

Slurp Juice takes two seconds and grants 75 points of healing, whether that be to health or shields. Similar to Chug Splash, Slurp Juice will prioritize healing health but will switch to shields once that is full. However, Slurp Juice works as healing over time rather than an instant burst, and its two-second use time is rivaled only by fish that don’t grant as many points of healing.

That’s not the only big thing dropping this week in Fortnite, either. The same day Slurp Juice arrives, players will finally be able to work on the challenges to unlock Geralt and all his related cosmetics.

Seeing as Chapter 4 Season 1 is nearing its final month, players will definitely want to grab as much XP as they can. While it was only last week that the change was made to stop challenges from expiring, there is hopefully enough XP left for anyone to finish their battle passes if they haven’t already.

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