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A Highly Requested Change to Fortnite’s Challenges Arrives in Today’s 23.30 Update

Image Source: Epic Games

A Highly Requested Change to Fortnite’s Challenges Arrives in Today’s 23.30 Update

Rushing no longer required!

Epic Games has made a highly requested change to the way Fortnite’s challenges — now known as Quests, but let’s be real, they’re challenges deep in our hearts — work in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. The 23.30 update also brings back the Dragon Ball crossover event featuring new skins, as well as the Kamehameha and Nimbus Clouds.

As noted in the official Fortnite 23.30 update patch notes, it’s listed that from this update onwards “Weekly Quests will no longer expire after a week. They will remain until the end of Season, meaning players can complete a set of Weekly Quests anytime until Chapter 4 Season 1’s end date.”

This will no doubt be music to Fortnite fans’ ears, given this was a change introduced this season and had never previously been the case in the game’s five-year history. It essentially meant that players only had one week to complete all of the challenges released any given week, rather than them remaining live and completable up until the season’s end. In doing so, it meant that those who may be busy one week could miss out on all that valuable XP to level up their Battle Pass, preventing them from unlocking cosmetics they’d essentially paid for the privilege of grinding out.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not Epic Games will carry this reversal to the way quests/ challenges operate in future seasons. We’ve reached out to an Epic Games representative for comment on this and will update this story as and when we hear back.

Outside of this change, Fortnite’s 23.30 update also introduces five new Reality Augments. We’ve listed these below:

  • Harvester – Foliage you destroy will drop Big Bush Bombs and forageables. Also increases the effectiveness of eating forageables.
  • Icy Slide – Get a brief icy speed boost after sliding.
  • Mythic Munition – Obtain a Mythic Pistol.
  • Rift-Jector Seat – Anytime your Shield breaks, you’ll rift into the sky after a short delay.
  • Shadow Striker – Become able to get Shadow Bombs from containers.

The addition of these Augments, or Perks as players often refer to them as, takes the grand total up to 32 for the season. The update also made a change to the Forecast Reality Augment by adjusting it so that it only shows the next three Storm circles after being selected, instead of showing all future Storm circles.

Finally, the Dragon Ball crossover event returns to Fortnite as of today, and will run until the 23.40 update drops in a week or two’s time. This means that the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items will begin falling from the sky in Capsulses again, the frequency of these drops increasing as the Storm closes in.

The Dragon Ball Adventure Island in Creative Mode has also returned, and starting today at 9am ET, a Dragon Ball-themed Weekly Quest will be available on the island to unlock the Orange Piccolo Spray. On Feb. 7, another Weekly Quest will be added to unlock the Gohan Beast Spray. The island can be accessed from the Discover page, or with the following island code: 5642-8525-5429. Son Gohan and Piccolo outfits and accessories have also been added to the Item Shop as of today.

What do you make of the changes to Fortnite’s challenges? Are you pleased to be able to Kamehameha your way to a Victory Royale once more? Let us know down in the comments below.

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