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Best Hogwarts Legacy Cloaks & Robes

Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Best Hogwarts Legacy Cloaks & Robes

Dress to impress.

For years, the Harry Potter franchise has been known for its school robes as it featured in almost every movie and book cover. That said, it is no surprise that Hogwarts Legacy includes this exemplary garment yet again, allowing players to dress in style as they explore the limitless map. Here’s everything you need to know about the best cloaks and robes in Hogwarts Legacy.

What Are the Best Cloaks & Robes in Hogwarts Legacy?

Although there are many clothing options in Hogwarts Legacy, some go beyond the typical outfits you may have seen before. So, if you want to improve your clothing collection, here are the best cloaks and robes you can wear in the game:

Herodiana’s Cape

Herodiana's Cape in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

As the hero of the story, it seems fitting to dress like one with the majestic Herodiana’s Cape once you complete the challenging puzzle-filled mission, The Hall of Herodiana. With this attire, players can dress as if they are in medieval times, especially with the traditional cap and outfit. To see a full overview, you can check out the cape itself, showcasing a plain white design and curved layout:

Herodiana's Cape Back in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Fashionable Dress Robes

Fashionable Dress Robes in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Ron Weasley’s Fashionable Dress Robes have returned in Hogwarts Legacy, which first appeared in the popular film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Not only does it allow you to reminisce about the iconic events at the Yule Ball, but you can also boast about the triumph of discovering all of Hogwarts’ secrets.

Tailored Tailcoat

Tailored Tailcoat in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Another cosmetic that can be earned from the Hogwarts Secrets challenge is the dapper Tailored Tailcoat. If you take a closer look at this attire, you’ll notice that it’s the same suit that Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black wears; therefore, you can pretend that you’re the master of the school, similar to the chaotic journey of The Polyjuice Plot quest with Professor Fig.

Dark Arts Robe

Dark Arts Robe in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Although the Dark Arts are prohibited at Hogwarts, you can still join the dark side with this robe, featuring deadly skulls and moving flames. You can also equip the rest of the Dark Arts pack, such as the mask, gloves, hat, outfit, and scarf, to become the ultimate master of the cursed magical arts.

Traditional School Robe

Traditional School Robe Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Sometimes simple is best; at least, that’s the case with the elegant Traditional School Robe that resembles another fashion item from the Harry Potter films. Players will be able to show off their house with pride with the embroidered symbol of their creature, as well as represent Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Relic House Uniform

Relic House Uniform in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Obtaining the Relic House Uniform may be a tricky feat, yet it certainly does prove your scavenger skills by locating all the Daedalian Keys around the castle. In addition, the uniform includes a stunning art design of your specific house to truly express your love for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw.

Relic House Uniform Back in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Dragonhide Protector’s Cloak

Dragonhide Protector's Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Those who strive to take down the dark wizards of Hogwarts Legacy should equip the Dragonhide Protector’s Cloak to flaunt their achievement of defeating 10 enemies. It also features a dragon-like fabric on the back of the coat to add more uniqueness to this fashionable item.

Dragonhide Protector's Cloak Back
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Beast Rescuer Robe

Beast Rescuer Robe in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

For beast tamers, you can get the leather Beast Rescuer Robe from the Take the Biscuit quest to advocate your love for magical creatures. On top of that, you’ll let the poachers know that you mean business when it comes to saving these animals from them.

Starry-Eyed Seer’s Cape

Starry-Eyed Seer's Cape in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Last but not least is the out-of-this-world Starry-Eyed Seers Cape, displaying multiple stars and a chic navy blue pattern. You can get the full set by finding all the Astronomy Tables, including a stylish scarf and outfit.

All Hogwarts Legacy Cloaks & Robes

For an overall view of the Cloaks and Robes in Hogwarts Legacy, here is a list of all the cosmetics from this collection:

  • Astral Robe
  • Astral Mosaic Robe
  • Athletic House Robe
  • Authentic Historian’s Uniform
  • Autumn Festival Coat
  • Azure Mosaic Robe
  • Beast Rescuer Robe
  • Brushed Wool Cape
  • Burgundy Robe
  • Celtic Cape
  • Cerulean Patterned Cloak
  • Charming House Cloak
  • Charming School Cloak
  • Check Crimson Overcoat
  • Classic Trimmed School Robe
  • Cobalt Adventure Ensemble
  • Competitive School Robe
  • Contemporary School Cloak
  • Crimson Patterned Robe
  • Crimson Winter Coat
  • Crepuscular Cape
  • Currant Patterned Longcoat
  • Daring Cloak
  • Dark Arts Cloak
  • Dark Arts Robe
  • Dashing Gray Longcoat
  • Decorative School Robe
  • Deluxe House Cloak
  • Diamond Weave Robe
  • Distinguished School Cloak
  • Distinguished School Robe
  • Dragonhide Protector’s Cloak
  • Draconic Longcoat
  • Druid Wolf Cape
  • Elegant Emerald Robe
  • Embellished House Cloak
  • Embossed Tailcoat
  • Emerald Silk Robe
  • Fashionable Dress Robes
  • Flamboyant Cloak
  • Gallantry Cape
  • Gardener’s Robe
  • Geometric House Cloak
  • Golden Silk Robe
  • Heraldic Longcoat
  • Herodiana’s Cape
  • Hickory Striped Cloak
  • Highland Explorer Cloak
  • Hogwarts Regalia Robe
  • House Fan-Atic School Robe
  • Illustrious Cloak
  • Illustrious Emerald Silk Robe
  • Kraken Cloak
  • Legendary Cape
  • Loyal and Kind Cloak
  • Lucky Leprechaun Overcoat
  • Luxurious Cloak
  • Majestic School Robe
  • Merlin’s Cloak
  • Mormaer Robes
  • Mysterious Corduroy Robe
  • Noblesse Cloak
  • Olive Patterned Robe
  • Periwinkle Tailcoat
  • Poacher Coat
  • Quidditch Cape
  • Quidditch Captain’s Cape
  • Regal Golden Silk Robe
  • Relic House Uniform
  • Royal Maroon Coat
  • Rugged Robe
  • Runic Robe
  • Scholar’s Robe
  • Scholarly Cloak
  • Shopkeeper’s Coat
  • Solitarian Cloak
  • Spider Slayer Armour
  • Starry-Eyed Seer’s Cape
  • Steel Blue Robe
  • Striking Turquoise Cloak
  • Stylish School Cloak
  • Sunrise Robe
  • Tailored Tailcoat
  • Tanned Cloak
  • Thief’s Cloak
  • Top of the Class Cloak
  • Traditional Check Cloak
  • Traditional School Robe
  • Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat
  • Twilight Cloak
  • Two-Tone House Cloak
  • Velvet House Cloak
  • Velvet School Robe
  • Venomous Tentacula Robe
  • Zonko’s Chief Prankster Coat

Since there are a ton of cosmetics in the game, there may be a few pieces of clothing missing from this list, as many items can be found randomly in chests.

How to Upgrade Cloaks & Robes in Hogwarts Legacy

Those who want to boost the stats of their cloaks or robes can add upgrades and traits to their materials with the Room of Requirement’s Enchanted Loom. You’ll need to gather materials from your animals in the Vivarium by nurturing them, but you can also make the process easier by adding a feeder in their domain.

Some clothing cannot be upgraded due to their preset stats, and you can sell them to any shopkeeper or destroy them.

Best Hogwarts Legacy Cloaks & Robes Mods

If you want to expand your collection, you can check out this list of the best cloaks and robes mods:

  • Black Beast Robes: To get more color options for the Beast Rescuer Robe, players can download this animalistic wardrobe.
  • Improve Dark Arts Deluxe Robes: This mod created by Arbek tweaks the design of the Dark Arts Robes by giving a choice to remove the skulls or flames. You can also find an Assassin’s Creed-inspired layout with various colors.
  • Dragonhide Protector’s Cloak Black: With this mod, you can change the style of the Dragonhide cloak to a jet-black color pattern.

For more options, you can view our top 10 best PC mods for the game, such as shaders, outfits, and brooms.

That does it for our picks on the best cloaks and robes in Hogwarts Legacy. To see additional content, you can explore the relevant links below, including our best outfits guide.

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